Welcome to our POWER RANKINGS, where the game is made up and the points don’t matter. Each week, we’ll rank the players from Safest (ranking of 1) to Boot Worthy. There is absolutely no consistency here, but we’ll accumulate points anyway – because why the hell not?

THIS IS IT. The final episode of Game Changers and Peter and Garrett (moi) are leading the charge. With only 3 points separating us, this will come down to the wire! Here’s where we stand:

Robb: 95
Garrett: 114
Peter: 111
Nick: 83

Average Placement – 

Robb – 6 – Man, I hate having to put Troyzan this low. I was so excited to see him back this season not only because I wanted to see him on a cast of non-idiots, but also because he is obviously a huge fan of the show, and he’s gotten dicked over big time by the editing. Either he has one of the worst final tribal performances ever, or he goes out in some nutty tribal like Kimmi did in Cambodia, those are the only two ends of Troyzan’s season arc that would make sense for the kind of edit he’s gotten

Garrett – 3 – Troyzan has been so absent from this season and I’m a little disappointed. What happened to the One World Troyzan that put up a huge fight?? I think he can get to the end because nobody would end up voting for him. He’s likely our third place finisher, right?

Peter – 3

Nick – 5 – I think Brad will win immunity again, and as an apparently very likable person (which I find hilarious after his first showing) Troyzan is the one to go at 5.

Average Placement – 

Robb – 2 – Good lord I want a Cirie win soooooooo bad, and hopefully the jury gives her props for trying something huge rather than laughing at her for not reading the rules (hopefully someone on the jury clarifies that whole mess). Cirie has played an amazing game, quite possibly rivaling her FvF game, and would be the best winner for this season, but she needs a lot to go right to make it to the end.

Garrett – 4 – This pains me so much. I’ve wanted a Cirie win for every season she’s played and the fact that it hasn’t happened is a tragedy in my personal world. I love Cirie. I just can’t see this playing out in her favor, especially after her blunder on the last vote. Her biggest asset right now is that she’s a perfect final 4 boot. She can’t win a challenge to save her life and her social threat is probably the largest. God this is going to suck.

Peter – 4

Nick – 6 – I think this is it. The Cirie train gets off here, I’m almost sure of it. Especially with as many idols and advantages are in play. Here’s my prediction for how this plays out. Tai wins immunity. He gives one idol to Brad like we saw indicated in the preview, and gives another to Aubry. Troyzan plays his idol on himself. Sarah is immune thanks to the legacy advantage. Obviously, everyone doesn’t know that only one person can potentially be vulnerable at this tribal so my guess is Sarah spearheads a Cirie vote. Cirie goes home because no one else can.

Average Placement – 

Robb – 5 – I’m going by TV time rather than in-game results here. Neither Tai nor Troyzan have done too much, but Tai has been seen doing things here and there whereas Troyzan has been MIA since the 3 tribe stage of the game. On the surface, Tai is safe until final 4 with his 2 idols, but I’m willing to be a significant chunk of my minimal life savings that he’ll screw this up somehow. Maybe he’ll get a pity 2nd place vote a la Monica in BvW, but I doubt he gets much outside of that.

Garrett – 6 – Poor Tai. He’s been in the minority for a long time this season and, while I give him props for making it this far, I just don’t see anything that warrants a win. He’s so overly emotional and in a game like this that will hurt you in the long run. Great idol finder, probably nice person, but there’s no win here.

Peter – 5

Nick – 2 – What a mess Tai is. He’s not as all over the place as he was in Kaoh Rong but he plays with his heart, and that’s not always respected in this game. I think he could actually garner a handful of votes this time around though. He’s going to be making things very interesting in the first round with his idols and I think that’s going to potentially piss some people off. Ultimately, I think we’re going to see him go to the finals and fall short, though.

Average Placement – 

Robb – 4 – Alright, I just thought of something that might mean Aubry is winning. Aubry’s game this season is kinda modeled after Michele’s in Kaoh Rong. Aubry lost a major ally (several, actually) early, she’s been relatively quiet but has been a big factor into a couple of votes, and she’s never been in a terrible spot, but also never been in a good spot either. If she has a big finale like Michele did, and if sadness and carnage ensue resulting in Sarah, Cirie, and Brad being the final 3 jurors, Aubry might be looking at a clean sweep.

Garrett – 5 – I wanted so much more for Aubry. She was a phenomenal narrator for Koah Rong and was someone I was excited to see come back. I can’t believe she’s made it this far (huge props to her for that), but she’s been on the outs for so many votes and has done nothing (that we can see) game wise besides boot Debbie. Cirie and Aubry are clearly incahoots now and Sarah needs Cirie around as long as she can. Sad day.

Peter – 6

Nick – 3 – I’ll admit, I’m kind of hoping this is how it plays out just because it’d be mildly hilarious. I like Aubry a lot, she’s one of my favorite players to come out of recent seasons, but I don’t think she’s done nearly enough to win here. I think we’re gonna see her fall short at the finals yet again.

Average Placement – 

Robb – 1 – Let’s be real, the post-merge part of this season has been the Sarah show ft. oblivious or stupid people (with a couple of incentives). People have caught on to her game, but it may very well be too little too late for them. Unless something like a Brad immunity run or batshit crazy tribal happens, I don’t see how Sarah doesn’t come out of tonight without $1,000,000.

Garrett – 1 – This has to be the outcome of the season. Sarah played a good game and has made flashier moves that shows a jury why she deserves the million. I think it’s her game to lose at this point.

Peter – 1

Nick – 1 – I’m so conflicted on this, but I think this might be her game to win. She’s got a LOT going for her and there’s a lot of focus on Brad right now. Obviously she’s got a few people targeting her, but what with her being immune for the first vote at least, she’s going to be out of the line of fire for long enough to get a foothold. Sarah’s played a top notch game so far, controlling a lot of votes and playing the middle pretty well. She’s got a lot of friends on the jury too. Yeah, I feel pretty comfortable about this one.

Average Placement – 

Robb – 3 – Brad winning would be my 2nd best case scenario, barely beaten out by Cirie winning. Going into the season, if you said Brad Culpepper was a legitimate threat to win, you’d be laughed out of the room, and yet here we are. Brad has a friend or two on the jury, has played a fantastic social game this season, and has stepped up big time in the last few challenges. If he can make it to the end with his hombres Tai and Troyzan, I see no reason why the jury would give the win to anyone but him.

Garrett – 2 – Brad has been a dominant player throughout the season with only a couple episodes where he lacked. He’s received this amazing growth arc from his last season and was THE narrator for the pre-merge. His shot at winning really depends on who he gets to the end with (it’s a win versus Tai and Troy, but a loss versus Sarah and Cirie). So I don’t know, his chances are up there.

Peter – 2

Nick – 4 – Obviously a huge target, Brad will likely be the subject of a vote if he can’t get his mitts on the immunity necklace. Tai has proven to be incredibly wishy washy and easily manipulated into voting out allies in the past, so it won’t be hard for Aubry and/or Sarah to convince him to vote for Brad and he becomes this season’s r.obbed. g.oddess, voted out right before the finals

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