Welcome to our POWER RANKINGS, where the game is made up and the points don’t matter. Each week, we’ll rank the players from Safest (ranking of 1) to Boot Worthy. There is absolutely no consistency here, but we’ll accumulate points anyway – because why the hell not?

Things are actually pretty close, but with our rankings all in similar places I think it’s basically down to Peter and me (Garrett). Nick is totally out of it, though his rankings have added some insightful commentary. Robb had it until he forgot a week. There’s still a finale episode that could flip things upside down! Here’s where we stand:

Robb: 82
Garrett: 100
Peter: 97
Nick: 70

Average Placement – 2

Robb – 4 – Brad is still the bigger threat compared to Troyzan, both socially and physically, and Troyzan still has an idol in his back pocket. This is probably the last week I’m gonna be able to put him in a not-last position, so it was a helluva run, I guess.

Garrett – 2 – Present.

Peter – 1 – Troyzan STILL HAS AN IDOL. He’s in the minority but I feel like he’s still the last person they’ll target after Brad and Tai.

Nick – 2 – Like last week, between his idol and his non-threatening status, also with his meat shield of Brad, Troyzan seems like he’ll be around for at least a while.

Average Placement – 3

Robb – 1 – Sarah is playing a little too fast and loose with her positions for me to confidently put her at 1 again, so Cirie takes the top spot instead. She’s been dominant yet again in the post-merge, and even with the numbers dwindling, I don’t see anyone pegging her as their top target.

Garrett – 1 – I could put Cirie anywhere and she’d be fine. I don’t know how she got into this position, but it feels like everyone wants her as their final 4 meat shield. And that’s going to suck if it becomes real.

Peter – 4 – Cirie seems strangely comfortable right now – shouldn’t everyone be super scared of her? Despite her seemingly safe position, one day someone will suggest blindsiding Cirie, and nobody is going to disagree with them.

Nick – 5 – It’s coming down to the wire, and people know that Cirie is a threat in this game. I don’t think it’s been forgotten so much as put on the backburner. She’s been laying low for a while now but the amount of people to hide behind is dwindling.

Average Placement – 3

Robb – 3 – Tai and Troyzan could be flipped for one another, only reason Tai is here is because of his little scene with Michaela in the water last episode. He’s at least been shown doing something, and he still has 2 idols.

Garrett – 3 – Still has his two idols and isn’t a threat to anyone’s game. He’s got Michaela too (who didn’t have a good look on the “Next Time on Survivor”). I don’t know, he’s all over the place.

Peter – 3 – Tai could theoretically idol his way safely to final 6, but where does that leave him? Tai has an amazing record for knowing when to play and when to save his idols, but he might be encouraged to take a risk this week rather than putting himself into an F6 position with no allies.

Nick – 1 – Idols. Two of them. This is going to be a common theme for a while, so yeah.

Average Placement – 4

Robb – 5 – Nothing much for Aubry, I feel like she could be in a bit of danger if Brad flipped things but only if immunity falls a certain way or two. There’s really not much substance for an Aubry write-up, much like her game.

Garrett – 5 – Honestly I don’t even care, and that makes me sad. I loved Aubry’s first appearance and I hate that she’s had little time this go around.

Peter – 5 – Who the fuck knows with Aubry. I have no idea what she thinks about anything or what anyone thinks about her. All I know is she hates Debbie.

Nick – 3 – Also like last week, I think Aubry has done a great job of remaining hidden behind bigger threats and I think that’ll continue.

Average Placement – 4

Robb – 2 – Sarah did a helluva job getting Sierra to self-destruct, but she’s still a little too cocky for me. She seems to be falling into the same trap that got her booted in Cagayan, granted with closer relationships on one side than she had in Cagayan. She’s still in a powerful position, but I worry about her a little.

Garrett – 4 – She’s been such a focus in this post-merge that I have to think people will see her as threatening. But with how this season has played out, who knows.

Peter – 2 – Sarah is awash with advantages, allies and options. While she might not always get her way (see: Zeke) she’s still more than comfortable and on nobody’s radar.

Nick – 8 – I’m worried for Sarah. She’s been in command for a few rounds now, but how long does that ever last in Survivor? I think she’s getting set up for a fall and it’s probably gonna be sooner rather than later.

Average Placement – 6

Robb – 6 – I don’t like her attitude, but I feel like her loved-one freakout should back to bite her but ultimately won’t. She’s really nothing more than a loud goat at this point, but if the tribe really wants her out, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just set aside their differences and put her on the jury.

Garrett – 6 – I loved seeing the strategic side of Michaela again when she was talking to Tai, it’s what we all loved from her first run on MvGX. But it looks like she’s not going to have a great look this episode, so she’s in the hotseat.

Peter – 6 – Michaela’s current strategy: play dead, don’t socialise, complain on YouTube months later. Where’s the energetic, smart player from MvGX? Ultimately she’s either going to be dragged to the end, or voted out quite soon.

Nick – 7 – I feel like she’s been rubbing people the wrong way for a while, and she’s actually been a driving force in the past couple boots. I could see her finally getting cut here.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 7 – Got her way last week, but again, I don’t see her arc doing too much else. It’s like her whole game revolved around getting revenge on Zeke, and now that it’s done, she’s doomed to just peter out shortly before final tribal. I admire her game a ton this year, I just think it’s coming to an end.

Garrett – 8 – I love Andrea and am glad we got to witness her on our TV screens for one more season. But she’s going home for sure. The writing is on the wall. Her last hope is Cirie saving her, but I don’t think that goes over too well.

Peter – 8 – It’s a double episode and I just can’t see Andrea surviving both rounds. The minority now consists of 3 people and 3 idols and she seems to be the person they’ll target if they get an opportunity.

Nick – 6 – I feel like this has to be coming soon. She’s a savvy player and people know it.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 8 – Ugh, this hurts. I’ve been really impressed with Brad’s game this season, and behind Cirie, he’s the one I want most to win. But he’s just in too deep of a hole, and it’s not even his fault. Had Sierra not been a dumb individual, Andrea would potentially be gone and Brad may be in the driver’s seat. Alas, that isn’t the case, and he’s in a do-or-die situation yet again.

Garrett – 7 – Brad has to win immunity to get further in the game and that’s not a good look. Cirie and Andrea will be gunning for him, so he needs to rope in Troy and Tai (and inadvertently Michaela, which L O L). I don’t think he can make it and I so want him to!

Peter – 7 – With Sierra gone, Brad is rapidly running out of space to maneuver. His only saving grace is that his allies have a bunch of idols and he’s usually in with a decent shot at immunity.

Nick – 4 – I actually think he might be ok with his ally in Sierra gone. He might be seen as less of a threat and someone to be taken out later with bigger fish to fry right now.

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