Welcome to our POWER RANKINGS, where the game is made up and the points don’t matter. Each week, we’ll rank the players from Safest (ranking of 1) to Boot Worthy. There is absolutely no consistency here, but we’ll accumulate points anyway – because why the hell not?

There’s only a few more episodes and it’s still a decently tight race. ALSO CIRIE HAS BROKEN INTO THE TOP TWO AND I’M HERE FOR IT. Here’s where we stand:

Robb: 76
Garrett: 92
Peter: 90
Nick: 64

Average Placement – 2

Robb – 1 – I have no idea what is even going on any more. I wanna put Sarah here again, but I’m getting a little worried that’s too cocky at this point and is going to be in the same position that got her booted in Cagayan. Troyzan isn’t an immediate threat still with Brad around, and he’s got that idol still, so I think he’s okay.

Garrett – 2 – He’s got an idol and he’s nowhere near strategic. People won’t shoot Troyzan yet.

Peter – 1

Nick – 2 – I think between his non-threatening status and his idol Troyzan is here for a while longer.

Average Placement – 3

Robb – 2 – Everybody loves Cirie (I think), and she’s done a great job being a #2 to everybody, both as a confidant and as a threat. She’s still Cirie so she could be booted at any time just for being Cirie, but I think she’s safe for now.

Garrett – 1 – FUCK IT. I’m putting her at the very top because she has defied all my expectations and I just don’t see her going home. I’m astounded she’s still here.

Peter – 5

Nick – 4 – How is she still here? How does no one want to take her out? I’m guessing it’s a combo of the facts that she’s so easily defeated in challenges so like Sandra she can theoretically be taken out whenever, and that she’s just really likable, and i think that’s going to carry her forward through this round too. Once a few more threats are neutralized I think she’ll have to worry though.

Average Placement – 3

Robb – 4 – I would’ve put Tai 2 spots lower, but he’s still got 2 idols. 2 idols is tough to beat, yet here we are with Tai somehow in barely 4th in these things.

Garrett – 4 – I could put Tai anywhere because he’s all over the place. Maybe he plays both idols on other people and goes home? Maybe he just sits around. I don’t even care.

Peter – 2

Nick – 1 – Two-idol Tai strikes again.

Average Placement – 4

Robb – 3 – Sarah is still playing great, but she’s starting to remind me a bit too much of her Cagayan game, drawing things out until the last minute, not committing to plans, yadda yadda yadda. She’s done a good job making allies of pretty much everyone, but she may take things too far and get herself in trouble.

Garrett – 5 – She’s a bit threatening to some, but I also see her having good ties with almost everyone. Troyzan, Sierra, Cirie, and now Andrea. I think she’s probably sitting pretty unless people see how well ingrained she is.

Peter – 4

Nick – 5 – Not unlike her status in the game right now, I’m putting Sarah firmly in the middle. She’s a got a really good grip on everything right now with her fingers in every bowl, but it’s only a matter of time before she gets too big for her britches and people figure out what she’s doing.

Average Placement – 5

Robb – 5 – Aubry’s a little quiet, which isn’t bad, but also isn’t good. She can straddle the middle all she wants, but it’s not gonna do her any good in building a case to win with this group of players. Still, I doubt she goes for at least another round.

Garrett – 3 – I’m impressed with Aubry so far, I had her pegged for going early. She’s sneaky and isn’t on radars as of yet.

Peter – 8

Nick – 3 – Aubry is really good at playing the role of the underdog who scoots by under most people’s radars while she makes plans behind the scenes, and I don’t think this round will be any different.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 8 – Brad is on paper the dominant physical threat and has played a very good social game up to this point, and I think everyone has caught on. He needs to watch his back or have Tai/Troyzan save his behind with an idol.

Garrett – 7 – Dominant player, people recognize it… he’s gotta go. He has a pretty solid alliance on his side, but I wouldn’t underestimate his foes.

Peter – 3

Nick – 8 – I don’t think he’ll be the boot, because it’s too obvious, but I’ve been wrong before. Brad’s obviously got a lot of connections and pretty much has this game by the nads at the moment. It’s his game to win unless someone dethrones him, and I’m pretty sure people know it.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 7 – People are still probably sick of Michaela, hell I am, and she’s running out of usefulness for the others. I doubt she keeps getting passed over by everyone else for much longer.

Garrett – 6 – I still love Michaela, but her time has to be running out. She finally showed her strength in challenges and people probably STILL dislike her, so she’s going soon.

Peter – 6

Nick – 7 – Michaela has managed to scoot by the past couple rounds, but she’s clearly not well-liked and not solidly with anybody so it’s got to come back to her sooner or later. My bet’s on sooner.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 6 – I still think the Brad/Sierra/Troyzan trio is in the most trouble of anyone on the island, but Sierra has hedged her bets by getting so close with Sarah, who seems to be the head honcho at this point, so she gets the pseudo-top spot (Troyzan would be lower if not for the idol).

Garrett – 8 – People are targeting her and Brad and I think they see Sierra as the mastermind. Why not take her out this next round to increase your numbers? Plus you can now use Tai since he feels betrayed.

Peter – 7

Nick – 6 – On the subject of being too big for one’s britches, let’s talk about Sierra. She’s gotten pretty cocky lately and she’s been the subject of several people’s discussions when it comes to votes already. It’s only a matter of time.

Average Placement – 9

Robb – 9 – It seems like Andrea’s series arc came to a close when she got Zeke out. I don’t see much else she can do, and I feel like now that she’s gotten her way, she’ll be taken out before she can build a bunch of momentum to having a great winning case at the end of the game.

Garrett – 9 – She’s a great player, but I think her alliance is going to eat her alive. Sarah and Michaela didn’t want to vote Zeke last round, so maybe this round they take out Andrea?

Peter – 9

Nick – 9 – I feel like the obvious boot this round is either Sierra or Brad, that said, I don’t think it’s going to be the obvious boot. Andrea is a known schemer and a strong physical competitor. I think this could be her last round.

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