A little bit of a drop from the previous episodes, but it’ll do. I came into the episode nervous for Andrea. She’s basically a badass though and totally ran the vote this time. I’m super impressed, but was it the right call?

Let’s go.

We return from tribal where Debbie was voted off (thank god, honestly) and find Sarah eager to reveal she was the one who flipped. Maybe she was having some sort of flashback to when she was voted out and needing to know who flipped? I mean, I get it, it’s probably better to just lay your cards on the table after the round is over, but you could also throw them in the burn pile and lie your ass off.

The reward challenge was one of my favorites from last season. The chair of doom, or something to that effect. Split into teams, run through an obstacle, collect puzzle pieces as your team raises you higher and higher off the ground, then put together the word puzzle.

BUT ALSO OH MY GOD STOP MAKING THE WORDS LONG AND COMPLICATED. It’s not more fun watching them struggle. In fact, when the time lapse comes up and fills me in that it’s been nearly an hour and NOBODY is even close to an answer, I scream out of anger. It reminds me that the physical portion of the challenge isn’t even needed because it will always come down to the puzzle. Reinventing is also a dumb word.

Anyway, Zeke pulls out a victory because Andrea had the correct word (after Probst hinted at it) and him, Aubry, Andrea, Brad, and Sarah get to enjoy a luxury mini-vacation. While on said vacation, Brad and Zeke talk football and show signs of bonding. This upsets Andrea and puts her plan into motion. Seriously, Zeke, stop talking football with people.

We get back to camp where Andrea suggests to Cirie that it’d be beneficial to vote out Zeke. They currently have a 6-4 advantage, so if he leaves they’re still up 5-4. However, and Sarah makes this pretty clear, once you’re at the 5-4 stage, it only takes one person to flip against you. It’s not great and, in my opinion, isn’t the correct move.

For immunity, the players must lay out domino tiles while high stepping through a lattice. The first one to have their domino tiles fall onto the gong (which is actually an upside down pie tin) wins. It’s a fun challenge with a bit of an edge, but it seems too easy. Especially since four or five people nearly win it and only one person (Brad Fucking Culpepper) knocks any over. Maybe time for an alteration where it’s not a set lattice but random strings to avoid? I don’t know, I’m no John Kirhoffer.

Andrea wins, like a badass, and we head back to camp for the final scramble.

Here’s how everything is laid out:

Brad, Sierra, Troyzan, and Tai are on the bottom.

Cirie, Andrea, Aubry, Michaela, Sarah, and Zeke are on the top.

Andrea doesn’t trust Zeke and wants to take him out. They’d still have the numbers, but only a one person advantage instead of three (if they take out Sierra).

Cirie is fine with it and wants to talk to Officer Sarah.

Officer Sarah does NOT like the plan. She knows it’s too risky and she knows that Zeke is an ally for her. Why get rid of an ally?

Aubry is on board.

Michaela also thinks it’s a bad idea for the same reasons as Sarah.

Sierra pledges her loyalty to Cirie and Andrea and says she’ll vote with them.

I think all of this is totally null and void because Sarah and Michaela, although not in consent with the plan, have to follow it. No matter what, Andrea will have the numbers to take out Zeke. She has Sierra, Cirie, Aubry, and can totally get Brad Fucking Culpepper, Tai, and Troy on board. That’s SEVEN of the ten votes. Like, it’s game over bud.

What I think is interesting, though, is that Sarah voiced concern, saw it was going to happen, and then voted with them. She knew she couldn’t get her way and instead of bulldozing, she let the game unfold. So while I don’t really like the move for Andrea, I think it worked out well for some others like Sarah.

Tribal council comes and goes, and Zeke is voted out. What’s surprising is that Tai receives three votes, and Sierra receives two votes. Why did Tai get votes? We knew Sierra could be a target, but Tai wasn’t even on the radar.

Well, once you stick around post-show, you see that Brad, Troy, and Sierra all voted Tai. That’s when you know they were fed a decoy target in order to keep the blindside under wraps. Subtle moves are truly the best move.

Only four more episodes to go! We’re so close and I’m so excited. I’ve got my winner picks, do you?