Was this a breakout episode? I think this was a breakout episode. Not only did we fall back in love with Cirie, but we fell in love with Sarah (or at least I did). And it’s not hard to see why. Sarah was all over this episode from helping Cirie in the challenge, to finding the secret advantage, to flipping the vote on her old allies. THIS WAS THE SARAH SHOW AND I’M HERE TO WATCH.

The other piece to this episode was a reminder, similar to other episodes this season, that these players are more than just characters on TV. THEY ARE HUMANS TOO. We’ve had the Nuku 2.0 tribe crying over pizza, the Zeke outing, and now Cirie telling her kids at home that you can’t give up. It puts us all back in the spot as viewers to real people. I wonder if this overarching theme will continue into the FTC? I can only hope.

Alright let’s get to the episode.

We head back to camp and hear from Debbie that she’s brilliant. And everyone at home groans. “The 6” as it’s called is now controlling the game and we don’t want anything to do with it.

Reward Challenge

The reward challenge had a few good moments besides the actual challenge (because, like, who watches the challenges anymore?). First we get Michaela, who wasn’t chosen for the challenge, pouting on the sit out bench… WITH A SECRET ADVANTAGE RIGHT BY HER FEET. I have to say, we can yell all we want about how she didn’t see it and how stupid it is that she didn’t notice it, but seriously who the hell is going to look below the bench for a secret advantage??? LITERALLY NOBODY. I don’t blame her for not being able to find something she doesn’t even know is there in the first place.

The challenge runs and the blue team wins and it’s not important. What is important is watching Cirie overcome this huge obstacle. Cirie first came out to Survivor to challenge herself and be better. Now, with a challenge in her way, she doesn’t want to give up. Even after losing the challenge, she wants to complete her part. Sarah (our new lord and savior) swims out to help her onto the platform she can’t climb up. Troyzan and Tai eventually head out there as well to help her with the balance beam portion. Through tears, Cirie finishes the challenge and is overcome with gratitude for her tribemates.

It’s an interesting piece to add in and to put SUCH a heavy focus on, that it makes you wonder how it affects the game (if at all).

As the tribes head out to their reward or back to camp, Sarah notices the secret advantage beneath Michaela’s feet. She swims over to the bench (which is next to the boat taking them to camp), snags the advantage, slips it into her shoes, and heads back. It’s an awesome scene watching Michaela pout and miss out while Sarah takes advantage of the opportunity. BUT ALSO HOW DID NOBODY NOTICE HER UNTYING THE ADVANTAGE AND STUFFING IT INTO HER SHOE? SHE SWAM TO THE SIT OUT BENCH WHEN THE BOAT WAS NEXT TO HER? HAS ANYONE QUESTIONED THIS?


We get back to camp and Cirie explains to us that she wants her kids to know they can do anything. She wants to be a role model for them and to just TRY. It’s really heartwarming and makes me want to be adopted by Cirie, cause damn she’d be a great mom and role model. Cirie also, though, lets us know that this is still a game. She says that if she can’t win the challenges, then she’ll have to win in another way. It’s a subtle callback to her Micronesia line where she says, “My mama always said, if you can’t beat ’em with these *points to muscles* you can always beat ’em with this *points to brain*.” It further cements the idea that Cirie is one of the BIGGEST strategic threats. Ever.

Cirie and Sarah talk about what the plan should be and how Sarah doesn’t think she wants to work with that 6. Cirie confirms that she’s probably on the bottom and they need to flip the script using Andrea, Zeke, Michaela, and Aubry. Sarah debates the merit of it all while giving us funny confessionals about noticing expired license plate tags.

Immunity Challenge

Immunity challenge is one of my favorites, only because Cydney from Koah Rong was hilariously slow and won. They do the balancing act and Troy ends up pulling out the win. Everyone in “The 6” is feeling good and knows they can decide who goes home now.


The scramble begins with “The 6” meeting to discuss who should be voted out. Debbie wants Michaela because she’s annoying, but Brad thinks Andrea because she’s a bigger strategic threat. They decide on Andrea, but Sarah feels left out of the decision process. She knows she’s on the bottom now and wants to flip the script. She meets with Andrea and tells her they should probably go after Brad or Sierra. Andrea agrees.

Meanwhile, Debbie talks to Aubry about voting out Michaela. And then she says that Sarah isn’t working with them. Debbie basically strong arms her opinions on Aubry and it’s absurd. SO much so, that Aubry gives us little gems in the form of eyerolls and middle fingers.

While that is happening, Sierra pulls Sarah to the side and tells her she wants the final three to be her, Sarah, and Debbie. Which is probably a dream come true for Sarah. And now Sarah thinks she may actually be in “The 6” instead of at the bottom.

So Aubry goes back to Sarah and is like, “Yo Debbie said you were a flip flopper playing the middle and that she fucking hates you.” Or… something like that. And now Sarah becomes irate again. She knows she needs to flip because she’s on the bottom. She’s getting so many mixed messages, but feels she should probably flip.

And of course, the iconic line…

Sarah face
“Whatever I do, it’s going to decide how far I go in this game… I’m going to decide at tribal.”


We get to tribal and “The 6” is just full on arrogant. They know they have the upper hand. They say the people in the minority shouldn’t have put themselves there. I mean they are just so full of themselves and think this whole game is wrapped up. And the votes are read, Debbie leaves 6-5. The dumbfounded faces of “The 6” are hilarious, as Brad tries to add things up again and fails miserably. It’s a great tribal to show new players and say, “This is what happens when you feel cocky.”

That’s it for this week’s recap! We’ll have to see how things pan out for Sarah’s big decision and if Cirie can overcome her feats another week. Plus we have a new contributor on the horizon! Stay tuned.