I’m going to do things a little differently this week. Instead of recapping the player’s entire Survivor history, I’ll just focus on the here and now. And Hali isn’t getting much from me.


Hali Ford

Am I a Hali fan? No, not really. Her time in World’s Apart wasn’t anything extravagant and she was mostly seen as Jenn Brown’s sidekick. Sure she had a quirky side and talked a lot about America and the constitution, but there was nothing that said, “She’s a good player.” And she was booted at the merge for just being an easy out.

Unsurprisingly, she had the same fate here in Game Changers. She was on the bottom, she went with the flow, and then was booted for being out of the loop and an easy out. I was waiting for Hali to have a big breakout moment, but it never came. She was just kind of here all season.

I’m sure Hali is a fun person to be around in real life. She seems like that type of person. But as a player on this show, she just didn’t come off as anything. She was just there. So what went wrong for Hali? Probably nothing. Or maybe everything.


Ozzy Lusth

Ozzy is one of my favorite players ever and I’d gladly have him back on the screen whenever possible. He may not be the best at playing the game, but damn if he isn’t entertaining to watch.

In his four seasons he’s placed 2nd, 9th, 4th, and 12th respectively. He’s the type of player that is a HUGE asset pre-merge because of his challenge strength and his fishing abilities. It’s when he gets to the merge that he starts to rely on those abilities too much, and it’s why he’ll never win this game.

Ozzy repeats this process each time he plays Survivor but, for a while, it seemed that he had learned his lesson. Ozzy came into this season knowing he needed to build more connections and focus less on the survival aspects. He built trust with some of his fellow legendary tribemates early on. He still relied on his fishing and challenge prowess, but it seemed that he was making an effort to be more than just that.

It’s a shame, then, when we hear Ozzy at the second immunity challenge saying, “I’m either winning this and we’ll all eat fish, or I’m losing and we’ll all be hungry.” He didn’t learn from his previous mistakes and he was STILL relying on this survival ability, thinking it would help him move further. Even at tribal council Ozzy goes on about how he’ll be the one fishing and they need him to survive. It’s just nail after nail in his coffin (that he built way back on Cook Islands).

So what did Ozzy do wrong? Literally everything he’s done wrong before. Wash, rinse, repeat.