We get back from tribal and nobody seems that alarmed by what just happened. I expected the Brad-Sierra-Troyzan side of things to be confused as to why Hali left instead of Michaela. But everyone is fine with it. Cirie knows they’re going to have to take out a big player on that side though. She aptly recognizes that Sierra is controlling Brad who is controlling Troyzan (actually, is that true? I’m not sure) so they should be taking out Sierra at this next vote.

Reward Challenge

At the reward challenge, they split into teams and do a challenge. It’s another boring one that I didn’t find interesting and the puzzle leveled the playing field anyway. Andrea, Debbie, Tai, Zeke, Ozzy, and Troyzan win and get a luxurious spa day at the Marshall’s Lounge. The Marshall’s Lounge was said many different times and it seemed like the Marshall’s Lounge was important. Come to find, the lounge is sponsored by Marshalls! Who knew that store was still open? Thanks for reminding us, Survivor. Glad your sponsors are so hip right now…

Zeke takes the reward to further his game, because apparently he didn’t learn anything from his previous season. Remember when Zeke decided it was time to shoot first and take control and then he was promptly voted out? Right, so I guess he’s needing control again and is now targeting one of his allies in Andrea or Cirie. Good thinking, Zeke. Who needs those pesky allies? They just weigh you down anyhow.

So he goes to Debbie and Tai and spills that Cirie is taking control with Andrea and he wants to flip the script. He even gives her the true tea that Andrea didn’t want him telling Debbie about the plan to remove Sierra. Debbie, of course, thinks it’s all a load of bullshit but puts on a nice poker face. The new plan that’s hatched is to get rid of Andrea.


The gang returns to camp and word continues to travel. Zeke talks to Sierra and says he wants to work with her. He fills her in on Cirie and Andrea throwing her name out there. Sierra asks, “Oh I thought you were working with them?” to which Zeke replies, “You’d think that, right?” And you know everything is going downhill for Zeke.

Sierra recognizes that her and Zeke aren’t in any sort of alliance and that this information feels off (even though it’s 100% correct). It’s kind of like when that one kid comes up to you in school that you’ve never talked with and he says, “Hey you’re way better than my other friend, Jon.” And then you’re just wondering who the fuck are you and who the fuck is Jon? Clearly not good for Zeke.

Sierra then goes to Cirie to see if her thoughts are right and spills everything Zeke just spilled to her. Which then has Cirie spilling things to Ozzy and Andrea. Which pisses Andrea off (though she isn’t irate). And now the vote seems to be targeting Zeke! Oh how things can shift within the hour.

Immunity Challenge

The immunity challenge is actually one of my favorites for being so simple: hang on this pole and don’t fall off. That’s it. We get a quick note that Ozzy has done the challenge twice and never lost (so he’ll be one of if not the last person hanging on). Sierra has done it once before and lost… and then loses again. People fall here and there until there are three left: Andrea, Ozzy, and Tai. Andrea is sweating and you can tell won’t be able to last a long time… so she drops. And not just a slide down the pole, she jumps from her position to the ground and nearly breaks her body in half (we even get a quick moment of “is she dead or is she not?” and it’s great).

Tai and Ozzy battle it out and just when you’re rooting for Ozzy, he reverts back into his previous season mindset and says, “I’m either winning this and going fishing, or I’m going to lose and we’re all going to be hungry.” WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU HOW DARE YOU. Seriously though, Ozzy came into this game preaching he was a changed man from the kid that played 21 seasons prior. And then he does this and it’s just God awful.

He loses, Tai wins, and we head to camp for a last minute scramble. While everyone seems to think the plan is Zeke or Andrea, Debbie and Sierra come up with a new plan. Debbie wants to make a huge move and feels that now is the time to take out Ozzy (no longer a challenge beast?). So she sets things in motion, directing people to the vote and not asking for opinions. She just runs around telling people, “We’re voting Ozzy tonight. It’s done.”

Debbie is so weirdly amazing. She can be this crazy lunatic that is yelling at Brad Fucking Culpepper and claiming she was the first one down at challenges, and then put together this mastermind plan to oust one of the game’s biggest threats. She hits her peaks really high and her valleys really low. I don’t know how to root for her or against her! SHE’S CRAZY AND AWESOME ALL IN ONE.

Tribal Council

We get to tribal and it’s clear that people feel a bit uneasy. Zeke thinks it’s Aubry (which is so stupid), Cirie’s alliance thinks it’s Zeke, and Debbie coalition thinks it’s Ozzy. And Hali is watching from the jury pit probably thinking, You did this to yourselves. People get up, they go vote (we get a mysterious “This is just to stir the pot a bit” from Cirie) and before Probst can tally the votes, Debbie steps in to use her extra vote advantage. And you know it’s a done deal, Ozzy is getting voted out.

The vote comes out (oddly) 7-4-1-1 with Ozzy being voted out against Zeke, Aubry, and Sierra respectively. His parting words are a nice little piece from a guy who’s played four times and never won. You can tell he loves this game and would probably be back whenever asked. If that happens, I can only hope that he finally learns a thing or two from his previous showings. Though if he hasn’t learned it after four seasons, I can’t hold my breath.

What a whirlwind merge episode(s)! I’m sad to see Ozzy bite the dust, but it looks like we’ll have some interesting gameplay in store. Stay tuned for the “What Went Wrong” pieces after our absence from last week and all the content coming your way.