Welcome to our POWER RANKINGS, where the game is made up and the points don’t matter. Each week, we’ll rank the players from Safest (ranking of 1) to Boot Worthy. There is absolutely no consistency here, but we’ll accumulate points anyway – because why the hell not?

While we all expected Varner to be the one voted off, I don’t think any of us could have predicted that outcome! Here’s where we stand:

Robb: 68
Garrett: 60
Peter: 54
Nick: 35

And since Robb didn’t get his rankings in to me, he skips this round (and hopefully gets dethroned in the process).

Average Placement – 1


Garrett – 1 – I refuse to move Troy. He still has his idol, he has good ties with Brad and that whole alliance. I think he’s safe for the coming weeks (pending a Debbie blowup of course).

Peter – 1 – There’s no way he goes home with the idol at the merge. He’s not a big threat either.

Nick – 3 – He’s in a tough spot being one of the few remaining original Mana members, but I think he’ll do well enough to stay out of the spotlight for now. Also there’s the whole idol thing.

Average Placement – 2


Garrett – 2 – With two idols, maybe Tai will be playing a bit more aggressively than his last showing? He’s guaranteed safety for two tribals at the least and I would expect longer.

Peter – 2 – Tai has two idols, I wonder how he’ll play this round but he should be safe if he gets targeted.

Nick – 1 – Two idols, need I say more?

Average Placement – 4


Garrett – 6 – She has the legacy advantage, which is great. But if she decides to use it at this merge tribal council, I could totally see her being a target for the following tribal just because people need an out with her. She’s a social threat that you could probably deal with later though.

Peter – 3 – Her advantage thing kicks in now, so if she’s in trouble I assume she’ll play it.

Nick – 2 – I actually think she’s gonna try to hold on to her immunity a la the legacy advantage, but whether or not she plays it I think she’s got a secure enough footing in the game to not be going anywhere so soon.

Average Placement – 5


Garrett – 8 – I think he’ll be fine, but I worry about that unknown factor that he and Michaela will have in the merge. Now that everyone is together, are they going to be a focus for votes solely because people are afraid? He has his core four alliance (that seems really tight after that emotional tribal), so I guess we’ll see.

Peter – 4 – Will they dare to vote out Zeke after all the drama? Not immediately I don’t think.

Nick – 4 – Zeke has been positioning himself very well and has a pretty secure foothold in the game. He’s chosen good allies and while being a threat, I don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon.

Average Placement – 6


Garrett – 5 – Makes another merge, good on you Andrea. I hope we start hearing a bit more about her game because she’s in a prime spot for playing.

Peter – 6 – Andrea is someone who I strongly believe has a lot more pre-game alliances than she’s letting on. It was very telling how Varner wasn’t even campaigning for her vote last time.

Nick – 8 – I don’t have much to say about Andrea. She’s been pretty non-existent most of the season. But maybe that means she gets idoled out or something? This would be a prime spot for it to happen.

Average Placement – 6


Garrett – 3 – She’s a non-threat that you can deal with midway through the merge. She isn’t a competition threat, she’s not a big social threat, and she’s not a strategic threat.

Peter – 9 – She’s the bottom of a bunch of different piles and could be an easy vote out. She doesn’t seem close to anyone.

Nick – 6 – Hali is fairly non-threatening, and unless she starts doing something crazy really quickly, I don’t see that changing

Average Placement – 7


Garrett – 4 – I see Aubry doing decently well in this merge. She’s in a good crew with brad as her main ally (I think?) and seems to have some good connections across the board.

Peter – 7 – Aubry doesn’t seem to have any kind of alliances right now. She could easily be booted especially since she’s a bit of a threat. Unless Tai is willing to save her?

Nick – 11 – As an original Mana and a known strategic powerhouse, I could see Aubry taking a hit as the first merge boot.

Average Placement – 7


Garrett – 9 – Debbie is crazy, but I think she’s priming herself to be a goat for the others. If she learned anything from Cochran, she’ll do well. But I have no faith in that, so down the ranking she goes.

Peter – 8 – The extra vote might help… I think she’s mended the damage from her craziness earlier.

Nick – 5 – Despite being completely unstable, I think Debbie will actually survive this round. I feel like a real threat is going to be the first one to take the hit in the merge, and Debbie is far from a threat.

Average Placement – 8


Garrett – 11 – He’s a threat to people because of how good a position he’s in. I will give him some credit because, based on Aubry last episode being SO in awe of him, people don’t recognize his threat level yet. But with the merge here, I’m not sure what Brad Fucking Culpepper will do.

Peter – 5 – Brad has a strong alliance coming into this round, but he could be seen as a threat.

Nick – 9 – As the alpha male, top dog, alliance leader I think Brad might be coming into the merge with a large target on his back.

Average Placement – 8


Garrett – 7 – Middle woman Sarah. She’s in a fantastic spot; she’s not the biggest threat and she’s not the low man on the totem pole. I see her doing well as long as she doesn’t overplay like she did in Cagayan.

Peter – 10 – She messed up the last merge vote – has she learned from her mistakes?

Nick – 7 – Sarah is in a fairly good position, numbers-wise, but I get this feeling that she’s going to try to do something crazy and go off half-cocked. So I’d say right smack in the middle is a good spot for her on this ranking.

Average Placement – 11


Garrett – 10 – Now that we’re focusing on the challenge threats, Michaela may be in people’s sights. She’s an unknown in the merge to everyone (including herself) and I hope she can control her emotions better than she did in the premerge, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope.

Peter – 12 – She has an attitude and no friends. I’m hoping she survives though since I can’t wait to see her attack all the immunity challenges.

Nick – 10 – Michaela’s got a couple things going against her: she’s an original Mana, she’s lost all of her old allies, and she’s abrasive. I think the chances are good she’ll be out soon.

Average Placement – 12


Garrett – 12 – I just want her to make the finale episode, alright? I have no faith in that happening, but I’m praying for a miracle here. We haven’t seen a lot from Cirie and she hasn’t gone to any tribals this season, so is that good or bad? I hope she links up with the right people.

Peter – 11 – She hasn’t been to tribal – will she be an easy vote-off for being a threat?

Nick – 12 – Gotta put her this low, although I think she might actually be ok. She is a huge threat, but so are a lot of people. I might be putting more stock in everyone targeting her than I should.

Average Placement – 13


Garrett – 13 – We all knew he was going to be last on the list, right? The best challenge performer in the history of the show and you think he’s going to make it passed the first tribal? He needs to win every immunity challenge to even get close to winning.

Peter – 13 – He’s the person everyone thinks of when they think of immunity threats after the merge. If he doesn’t win immunity he could be in lots of trouble.

Nick – 13 – Now that the merge has hit, Ozzy’s stock has plummeted. If he doesn’t win immunity he needs to get voted out. They’d be crazy to keep him.

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