Welcome to our POWER RANKINGS, where the game is made up and the points don’t matter. Each week, we’ll rank the players from Safest (ranking of 1) to Boot Worthy. There is absolutely no consistency here, but we’ll accumulate points anyway – because why the hell not?

Even with the tribe swap, we did well predicting Sandra’s flame going out. nicely done, boys. Here’s where we stand:

Robb: 54
Garrett: 46
Peter: 42
Nick: 26

Average Placement – 1

Robb – 1 – Alright, full disclosure, I’m still cloudy on who is with whom on what tribes. Troyzan has an idol and isn’t totally dumb, so he stays at the top for now.

Garrett – 1 – Quite honestly, I don’t see him moving from this top spot until much later in the game. He’s solid on his current tribe, he has an idol, he’s smart… he’s staying here.

Peter – 1 – He’s not moving from the top spot until he plays that idol. The only thing Troyzan could do wrong is feel too secure to play the idol in the hopes of keeping it for the merge.

Nick – 2 – He’s got that idol and his bro, Brad Culpepper, who also has a few connections, so Troyzan is definitely sitting pretty yet again.

Average Placement – 4

Robb – 9 – Probably the secondary target after Brad, Sierra was definitely a big loser of the swap. She’s probably not in too much danger, but things could snowball out of control for her very quickly if certain people get in certain other people’s ears and she has to go to tribal.

Garrett – 2 – I just don’t see people wanting to vote out Sierra. Ever. She’s playing a similar game as last time and I see her going far. She’s not a winner, but she’s a good player.

Peter – 3 – Every week I hate having to come up with something interesting to say about Sierra. She is boring. She will not be voted out.

Nick – 3 – Between her fairly non-threatening status and her connections to Brad and Troyzan, Sierra doesn’t seem like she’ll be in any danger of going home. Especially with some big players like Cirie and Aubry on her tribe and big personalities like Michaela, Brad, and Troyzan. She’s got a lot of shields to hide behind.

Average Placement – 5

Robb – 13 – He’s so dumb. So incredibly dumb. I hope he finds a 3rd idol and goes home without playing any one of them.

Garrett – 5 – I hate putting Tai up here, but he’s in a totally comfortable spot. He shouldn’t be the main target on his tribe, but if he is he can play that damn idol and be good to go. I don’t see him going home just yet.

Peter – 2 – Tai has two idols, so he should be fine, but I do worry he’ll do something crazy. That being said, he’s got an amazing idol record so far.

Nick – 1 – Honestly, if he didn’t have two idols he’d be a lot lower. That’s literally the only reason I’m putting him this high. If he even only had one idol I think I’d put him like halfway down the list. He fumbled that last round so hard it was simultaneously painful and hilarious. He’s a mess. But he’s a paranoid mess and he can afford to spare an idol if he feels even a little bit unsafe.

Average Placement – 6

Robb – 4 – Aubry was far and away the biggest winner of the swap. Went from dead to rights to, if nothing else, caught in no man’s land, which is a position she’s probably used to being in right now. She’s back with Hali, who could be a great #1 for her to stand by for now, and should be safe for another episode or two.

Garrett – 4 – Hot damn did she get lucky with the swap! Not only did she exit her minority status, but her main enemy in Sandra left. She’ll be happy to see that. I don’t know the tribe dynamics well on Nuku since they haven’t been shown much, but she should be alright.

Peter – 8 – People don’t seem to trust Aubry since she seemed to flip so much in her original season.

Nick – 6 – I think Aubry’s in a prime spot in this shuffle, she’s got a lot of options and the potential to put herself back on top. And she’s smart so she knows it too.

Average Placement – 6

Robb – 3 – Sarah is starting to show a lot of life in the game, and there’s no reason to believe she’ll be the target on a tribe with Ozzy, Tai, and Varner. She’s got a lot of momentum on her side with the merge coming soon, and if she can reconnect with Troyzan, she could take off big time. Gun to my head, I’d pick her as the winner at this moment.

Garrett – 3 – She knows who the threats are and knows who is on her side. She has shown she can be a bit brash and this whole “play like a criminal” thing is a bit odd, but I see her doing well.

Peter – 6 – She spoke, a bit, last week. That was cool. I’m sure she’ll be grand but I haven’t seen her play at all really.

Nick – 12 – Based on the preview, and some of her previous attempts at playing bad cop, I feel like Sarah is going to get in over her head and over-play herself right out of the game. Targeting Ozzy is a good plan, but I feel like it could easily blow up in her face.

Average Placement – 6

Robb – 6 – Same rationale as Andrea and Sarah, could easily swap him and Andrea. Zeke’s got a solid alliance, has no reason to be a target, and could do some damage at the merge. Only reason he’s below Andrea is because his recency on the show may still be detrimental to him.

Garrett – 9 – Zeke seems to be in a good place, but I can’t help but get flashback to Millennials vs Gen-X where Zeke started playing extremely hard and was immediately booted for it. He’s starting to show the others why he’s on this season, and that could hurt him.

Peter – 4 – Zeke is very sharp and managed to maneuver through that messy tribal very well last week. I don’t see anyone targeting him this round.

Nick – 5 – I think Zeke is really starting to become a powerhouse on his tribe. He’s smart and he’s developing connections. Now that Sandra’s out, He’s also got Varner. He’s also sharp enough to stay pretty under the radar and keep his nose clean.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 12 – I’m scared for Brad. He’s the obvious leader of an alliance, merge boot archetype, and he easily got the worst draw of the swap, maybe short of Sandra but not by much. His game has been phenomenal up until now, and if his tribe wins immunity, he’s got nothing to worry about. That is, however, a giant if at this point.

Garrett – 7 – I still think Brad is in a good spot on his tribe. him and Troyzan are good and they bring Sierra in for this cool threesome (oh dear lord). They should be able to swing one other person to their side and have majority. I’m getting worried for our boy, but he seems alright for now.

Peter – 5 – Brad seems to be in a good spot with most of his tribe, although his past reputation always threatens to cause him trouble.

Nick – 4 – Brad is pretty well-connected. He’s got Troyzan as an ally and he’s got Sierra as well. I’m still not 100% sure on Hali’s loyalties. I think a lot will hinge on Aubry on this tribe. She’s got reason to be anti-Michaela and is smart enough to know that Cirie needs to go soon. I think she’ll side with Brad and company if it comes down to it, putting Brad in the majority with a lot of options and sway. I initially had him in the #2 slot but after thinking about it, I feel like the most likely breakdown of this tribe is going to be Michaela and Cirie on one side for sure with Hali possibly in the mix, vs Brad/Sierra/Troyzan and Aubry in the middle. Like I said, I think Aubry would side with Brad but Brad is easily the biggest potential target out of his crew, so while I think he’s safe he’s also more of a prime target than his alliance.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 2 – Hali could potentially be in a really good position. She’s finally isolated Brad from Tai, and has a potential number advantage on him and Sierra if she acts on it the right way. If she tries to rope in Troyzan, she’s done. IF she avoids him, she could be the architect of a massive pre-merge move.

Garrett – 6 – I think Hali is fine for now mostly because she hasn’t done much. She’s been on the bottom for so long and she’s FINALLY in a position to play comfortably. Maybe she goes with Troy, Sierra, and Brad?

Peter – 10 – Hali was in some trouble a few rounds ago, but I feel like the spotlight has shifted away from her a little. Her biggest problem right now is that nobody is really close enough to Hali to try to save her if her name does get thrown around.

Nick – 8 – Barring some serious shenanigans, I think Hali will be ok. She’s still pretty non-threatening and she’s got the potential to work with several people. Maybe she’ll get caught playing the middle though? I doubt it but I don’t see many other situations playing out against her. Cirie, Michaela, Brad, and Troyzan all seem like they’d be bigger targets than her.

Average Placement – 9

Robb – 5 – I’d call Andrea the second biggest winner of the swap. Getting away from Troyzan was probably an accidental success, and if things go right for her, she’s going into the swap with a rock solid base in her alliance of Ozzy. Sarah, Zeke, and herself, and maybe Tai but probably not who knows.

Garrett – 8 – She’s pretty middle-of-the-pack. She seems safe on her current tribe unless a stray idol is played, but even then it seems like there are other people in the line of fire. I don’t see her leaving yet, but the possibility is still there.

Peter – 7 – She seems to be in a good position on her current tribe, I can’t see Andrea being targeted over people like Ozzy, Tai and Varner.

Nick – 7 – Who? She’s been such a non-entity so far. Which is a shame but still. Crazier things have happened but I don’t think she’s going anywhere next round. I just can’t fathom a reason for it to happen.

Average Placement – 10

Robb – 7 – I could easily flip her with Aubry and justify both of them easily, but she’s here for now. If she can set aside the fact that Aubry voted for her, she could be in a big position to make a move with herself, Aubry, and Hali provided they could rope in Cirie or Sierra. If she can’t, there’s no telling what happens, but she could very well enter the merge as a free agent, or worse yet, an easy boot.

Garrett – 10 – I love Michaela and I don’t see her leaving just yet, but she’s surprised me many times with her hot-headedness. She really could be a great player, but I think the back-to-back playing didn’t help her at all. She needed time to relax, adjust, get back to normal. She should be fine for now.

Peter – 11 – Michaela’s attitude has seemingly been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Her challenge strength won’t save her this close to the merge, and she’s still an unknown quantity to the rest of her tribe.

Nick – 13 – If Cirie doesn’t take the hit on mana, I think it’ll be Michaela. I could easily see her butting heads with Brad and/or Troyzan and becoming a target as a result.

Average Placement – 11

Robb – 11 – Ugh.

Garrett – 13 – I’ll be honest that Debbie wasn’t AS awful as her last episode. She’s still on the bottom of my favorites list, but it’s nice to see a redemption arc happening. She’ll be in a shitty spot on her new tribe, but she has some room to work and play. Hopefully the meals and Cochran got her back to normal.

Peter – 9 – People might be a bit suspicious of Debbie returning from Exile island – would they consider blindsiding her in case she has an idol?

Nick – 10 – Debbie’s got several things going against her. She’s one of the “Kaoh Rong Three” that people are concerned about, she’s been separated from her tribe for a few days, and she’s bananas with a capital B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I think she’s even too crazy to be a goat.

Average Placement – 11

Robb – 10 – I don’t know how seriously Ozzy is in danger. I think he’s rock solid with Sarah, Andrea, and Zeke, however I could easily see any of them, especially the latter 2, flipping on him because of how good he is in individual challenges. I want to see him keep playing, but I completely understand him being booted at this point.

Garrett – 11 – Man the closer we get to the merge, the more I fear for Ozzy being booted. His tribe should be focusing on Varner or Tai or Debbie… but there’s always that chance that they’ll flip the script now that Tai showed some cards.

Peter – 13 – Ozzy seems to be doing well with everyone on his tribe, but there’s a small Asian guy with two idols who wants to be rid of Ozzy. This can’t end well.

Nick – 11 – Despite my prediction about Sarah, I’d be stupid not to put Ozzy this low too. I think his days are numbered. He’s not even a challenge beast. He’s a challenge monster. And he’s going to get like every single immunity necklace in the merge if he doesn’t go soon. So unless Sarah bungles this, or if they just don’t go to tribal, I think Ozzy could be in some hot water.

Average Placement – 12

Robb – 8 – I just wanna see Cirie on the screen again. I have no idea which way she would lean in this hypothetical 3 vs. 3 fight between Brad/Sierra/Troyzan and Hali/Aubry/Michaela that I made up in my head, and I do think Troyzan would think of idoling her out due to her legacy on the show. Hopefully we actually get to see her play before the season ends.

Garrett – 12 – I HATE HOW LOW I HAVE TO PLACE HER. She’s a huge threat that has never been to tribal this season. If her first appearance is tonight, I will weep because I think her target is too big. JUST GET TO THE MERGE.

Peter – 14 – Cirie still hasn’t been to tribal, which is great, except she has no really solid alliances. She hasn’t voted with anyone yet this season so how can anyone know where they stand with Cirie?

Nick – 14 – It’s gotta happen sooner or later. She’s a giant threat and everyone knows it. Once she gets to the merge she’ll be dangerous and it’s miraculous that she’s come so far.

Average Placement – 12

Robb – 14 – Wow, things went real sour real quick for Jeff. He was sitting pretty for a while, and now he’s in deep doodoo. He’s lucky to be on a tribe with someone as dominant as Ozzy and also someone as neurotic and wishy-washy as Tai, or else he’d have a 0% chance of staying rather than the 3% chance he has right now

Garrett – 14 – I originally was going to put him above Debbie… but I just don’t see him making it through. I love the idea that him, Zeke, and Tai will all work together, but I think after Tai showed some cards at the last tribal, there are more questions circling the camp. Varner is totally going to overplay because he knows the merge is near, and it’ll be his demise. I love the guy, but I think this is it. SAD.

Peter – 12 – With Sandra going home last week, logic dictates that Varner is next on the chopping block. If he ends up at tribal, he’s going to be begging for Tai to save him with an idol. He did just vote for Tai though, so that may not work.

Nick – 9 – I think Varner’s safe, but I could be wrong. I feel like there are bigger fish to fry on his tribe and he’ll be perceived as largely harmless now that Sandra’s out. Plus, Zeke wants him around and I feel like he’ll make that happen.

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