Welcome to our POWER RANKINGS, where the game is made up and the points don’t matter. Each week, we’ll rank the players from Safest (ranking of 1) to Boot Worthy. There is absolutely no consistency here, but we’ll accumulate points anyway – because why the hell not?

We hit the nail on the head last week with JT’s departure. With a swap looming, this week is doomed to be another clusterfuck. Here’s our current score…

Robb: 39
Garrett: 31
Peter: 27
Nick: 14

Average Placement – 1

Robb – 1 – Still has an idol, although that doesn’t carry as much weight as it has in the past few weeks with a merge or swap coming. Still, Troyzan seems trigger-happy enough to play it if he had even the slightest concern of him going home, so I feel comfortable having him here.

Garrett – 1 – He has his idol and has been shown that he reads people well. In a swap scenario, I think Troyzan is definitely the safest.

Peter – 1- Look I’m not moving him until he uses his idol, OK? There’s no way somebody would go home this early with an idol in their pocket.

Nick – 1 – Still #1. It’s tricky since his tribe has yet to go to tribal so we don’t know any of their dynamics and loyalties quite as well as the others, but that idol probably makes him the safest person in the game at this point.

Average Placement – 2

Robb – 2 – Wanted to put Brad or Tai here, but Debbie’s meltdown makes me want to avoid them a bit more. Sierra, however, is in tight with them (I think) and probably wouldn’t be anyone’s #1 target at this stage in the game. Having the Legacy Advantage helps as well.

Garrett – 2 – She’s given us a LITTLE bit on her game play, but she’s also a background character so I doubt she goes anywhere.

Peter – 2 – Sierra continues to bland her way through the game. Remember that thing she did or said? Me neither. Don’t see her getting voted out.

Nick – 2 – I think Sierra’s got the perfect combination of non-threatening status combined with social ability to keep her afloat in the shuffle.

Average Placement – 6

Robb – 3 – We finally got something from Sarah! Nice to see that she’s playing and thinking, and willing to learn from her mistakes from Cagayan. This potential alliance she has brewing with Troyzan could pay big time dividends for her.

Garrett – 7 – I’m worried about Sarah with the swap. She was brash with Troyzan (though it seemed to work?) and has shown in her previous season that control is what she craves. Perhaps she’s learned though.

Peter – 7 – I’m putting Sarah right in the middle because I can’t really tell where she sits at the moment. In the past though I’ve found her to be willing to play strategically without the smarts to back it up. If she tries to play hard at the swap she might be in some trouble.

Nick – 6 – I’m not sure what to think of Sarah’s chances. She looks like she’s trying to get control of things after last week’s episode but she was doing it so poorly and awkwardly. Why do you feel the need to threaten the person you’re trying to work with? Troyzan was on the bottom, he doesn’t need threats to stay in line. But I digress. I think she’ll be ok, Troyzan didn’t show any sign of contempt for that whole thing so it might actually work out for her, assuming they end up on the same side of the shuffle.

Average Placement – 6

Robb – 6 – Another empty week for Zeke. Not a bad thing, but definitely starting to not be a good thing with the merge upon the horizon. Nobody would consider him a target right now, even with the mystique of him being the most recent cast member still for a few players, but he needs to start being more visible very soon.

Garrett – 4 – We haven’t seen much of Zeke, but I think he’s guaranteed the merge. He’s a puzzle master and seems to be well-liked around camp.

Peter – 3 – We still haven’t seen too much of Zeke but his chill and sociable approach to the game so far seems to be working well.

Nick – 9 – Like Andrea, Zeke’s another player I could see being on the chopping block purely for being a Tavua in a bad numbers situation. He’s an unknown and that’s enough to give people pause about keeping him around.

Average Placement – 6

Robb – 5 – Tai’s had a good season so far, and given he’s given Debbie the time of day, she may take it easy on him in her inevitable, misguided, clinically insane rant about how Brad must die and everything he is close to must go with him. He’s still Tai and will still probably hilariously fail, but he’s put in some good work this season and deserves this spot for now.

Garrett – 9 – He’s guaranteed to find that Mana idol, right? If he found it last episode, he’d be much higher. But I think I’ll keep him low in case he doesn’t get it, since we know Tai is just a giant flip-flop.

Peter – 6 – Tai is well trusted by all of his allies. His only concern is if he comes off indecisive during strategy talks people may lose faith in what he’s going to do.

Nick – 5 – Tai is one who’s really able to get out of the tight spot a shuffle puts you in. He’s not a huge threat, strategically. He’s socially lovable. And he’s got an uncanny ability to sniff out idols in like five minutes.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 12 – Brad has done nothing to put himself here, or at least nothing negative. Debbie is insane and is on the hunt for him, and once people hear her ramblings about how evil he is and how he also pretty much has 2 votes by way of him and Tai, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble and fast.

Garrett – 5 – I think he’ll be alright since he’s proved he can pull people in, but with the swap it’s anyone’s game. He has control for now… can it last?

Peter – 4 – It’s very unlikely Brad will find himself in the minority after the swap so all he needs to do is to stick together with his original tribemates.

Nick – 8 – I worry for Brad. I think he’s done a good enough job of not getting labeled a giant control freak but his reputation precedes him and now with crazy Debbie in the mix who knows what could happen. All it’d take is some casual under-the-bus-throwing by Debbie to permanently sully what little reputation he may have. There are several people in the game that only know him as Brad the misogynist control freak and haven’t actually played with him, so it wouldn’t be too farfetched for them to assume the worst about him.

Average Placement – 8

Robb – 9 – This is the part of my list that is now much more difficult to place everyone. I don’t think Hali is safe, but Debbie’s freakout helped her, and the merge or swap will help her further. However, she is still in a tough spot, and an unfavorable draw could spell doom for her.

Garrett – 6 – I think she could catch a break here. We’re getting toward the merge and players like Hali are who you keep around.

Peter – 13 – She really seems like she’s in a poor spot with her current tribe. I don’t think she’s managed to make any good allies since she’s been on Mana 2.0.

Nick – 4 – I just don’t see Hali being a threat. Of all the people in the game she’s probably got one of the smallest targets on her back in a shuffle. She’s competent in challenges so that’s not going to be held over her head (contrary to Debbie’s delusional imaginings) and she’s social and thinks rationally. I have high hopes.

Average Placement – 8

Robb – 11 – Ozzy has done nothing this season to put himself this far down. Key words being “this season.” Other castaways will undoubtedly be thinking about the mid-to-late stages of the game, and Ozzy is the quintessential merge challenge performer. A bad swap draw or early merge could put Ozzy on a lot of people’s targets in a hurry.

Garrett – 8 – The closer we get to the merge, the more fear I have for this guy. He’s a challenge threat through and through, so we could be seeing the fall of Ozcar soon.

Peter – 5 – You wouldn’t lose a challenge and then vote out of your strongest guys. Except for Tony. And Caleb. And Malcolm. And JT. But not Ozzy!

Nick – 7 – Personally, I think that the merge is going to happen at 13 and that his tribe should get rid of him now while they still can, but the rest of the players apart from Sierra have no reason to think that, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be ok, but crazier things have happened.

Average Placement – 9

Robb – 13 – A swap could be a godsend for Andrea provided she isn’t stuck with Troyzan. If she is, or if it’s a merge, she could still be in a lot of trouble, but she’s got a chance to revitalize her game if she can get with the right people.

Garrett – 3 – Is she still on this season? There is no way she leaves this episode.

Peter – 8 – Andrea is probably the least-seen member of the least-seen tribe. Still, there’s no good reason for her to go home right now unless she plays poorly.

Nick – 11 – I can’t help but feel that someone from Tavua is going to be in the hot seat after so many challenge wins, and Andrea seems like the most likely candidate. She’s smart and she’s a known threat so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see her leave next.

Average Placement – 9

Robb – 10 – Maybe Varner/Sandra/Michaela will shun her, exile her, tar and feather her, do whatever they want to her for voting against them, maybe they won’t. Either way, Aubry’s had a tough go with her close allies this season, and maybe people are starting to catch on. If that’s the case, she may be targeted just for the self-preservation of other castaways.

Garrett – 13 – All of Aubry’s allies have gone home one by one, so it has to be her time soon, right?

Peter – 9 – Aubry is on the outs with her current tribe and will be likely in the minority on her new tribe.

Nick – 3 – I think whatever side of things Aubry ends up on she’ll be fine. She’s on the outs with her tribe and therefore an easy vote for the other two tribes to use so long as another Nuku is there with them.

Average Placement – 10

Robb – 7 – Cirie’s reputation still precedes her, but we haven’t seen much about people gunning for her since episode 2, maybe 3. As long as she can stay above one or two people as the prime target, which shouldn’t be hard given the nutjobs on this season, she can make it pretty far.

Garrett – 10 – The swap is a scary place for a player like Cirie. We already know her previous tribemates weren’t all that enthused about working with her but she could surprise us with some of that social savviness we’ve seen from her previously.

Peter – 11 – Cirie’s position probably won’t be improved by the swap. She’ll have to rely on the strength of her original tribe, although they’ve never been to tribal together so loyalties haven’t been tested.

Nick – 14 – I think Cirie’s time in this game is going to be coming to an end soon. The fact that she’s made it this far is miraculous. It’s kind of funny how Ozzy is harboring this grudge against her and yet he’s the biggest reason she’s still around since he’s been helping with all these immunity wins.

Average Placement – 10

Robb – 4 – I don’t like putting Varner here, but I feel like I kind of have to. He’s clearly in a good spot with his alliance, being Sandra’s obvious right hand man, and would not be the higher priority of that pair since…well, he’s with Sandra. He very well could completely blow this good opportunity, but he’s done well so far.

Garrett – 11 – He just plain sucks at challenges (which is actually a decent benefit at this point), but is seen as sneaky. I think he’ll be alright for now but I worry that the swap with force him to play harder than before and he’ll lose it.

Peter – 10 – Varner has been super comfortable so far and not even remotely in danger. I still can’t help but feel he’s never completely safe though – he doesn’t come across super trustworthy nor is he strong in challenges.

Nick – 13 – We’re at that point in the game where it’s kind of transitioning from trying to keep the tribe strong to thinking about the individual game when it comes to boots, and Varner is both weak in challenges and strong in socializing and strategizing.so he’d be an obvious go-to if he were to end up on the wrong side of the numbers.

Average Placement – 11

Robb – 8 – I don’t like her, but she’s not really in immediate trouble unless Aubry can recruit a lot of people to her cause, and that’s assuming Aubry doesn’t just suck up to the trio she just voted against.

Garrett – 12 – While I am LOVING Michaela, there’s no way she can win the season. I do think she’s set to go far since she’s a perfect goat, but until the merge hits, I have to keep her lower.

Peter – 14 – Michaela is aligned with Sandra and Varner but doesn’t really have any friends left

Nick – 10 – I don’t like Michaela this season. I think she’s obnoxious and entitled. And clearly there are some people in the game that see her that way as well. If she ends up on the wrong side of the numbers I don’t think she’ll last long. I think she’ll rub the wrong person the wrong way and it’ll get her booted, but there are other fish to fry and there are too many maybes for this to be a certainty so I’m not banking on it being the most likely scenario.

Average Placement – 14

Robb – 14 – Gross.

Garrett – 14 – Hurricane Debbie was hilarious to watch, but her target for being annoying has grown exponentially. Is it enough to give her goat status? I don’t think so, she overdid it.

Peter – 12 – After her meltdown last week, Debbie is an unknown quantity.

Nick – 15 – Now that we know that Debbie is cuckoo for cocoa puffs it shouldn’t take much to get her booted. Clearly her entire tribe thinks she’s utterly ridiculous. If she keeps up that erratic behavior there’s no way she’ll stick around for long. I think possibly the only situation I could see her thriving in is if she and Brad are the only ones that end up together from their tribe, then it’d be her word against his and you know she’ll throw him under the bus hard.

Average Placement – 14

Robb – 15 – I’m annoyed with her, I don’t like her alliance, and she’s still a massive target who will more than likely end up in a much worse situation than the cushy one she is in right now. Hopefully this is the week she goes.

Garrett – 15 – I expect the queen to fall from grace this episode. The swap is going to paint the largest target ever on her back and I’m going to cry watching her leave. (Although I didn’t think she’d last one vote out… so hopefully I’m wrong!)

Peter – 15 – She’s a two-time winner. She’s not great at challenges. Her original tribe is hugely in the minority and she’s only aligned with two people on her current tribe. There’s a tribe swap coming. She can’t survive any longer… right?

Nick – 12 – Sandra can’t possibly survive another shuffle, can she? It’s crazy how she’s been able to do so well so far. With the merge closing in though her chances of staying in only increase as other threats take priority. I think she’s safer than some, but she’s not completely out of the woods yet.

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