Welcome to our POWER RANKINGS, where the game is made up and the points don’t matter. Each week, we’ll rank the players from Safest (ranking of 1) to Boot Worthy. There is absolutely no consistency here, but we’ll accumulate points anyway – because why the hell not?

Alright, here’s our current score…

Robb: 17
Garrett: 9
Peter: 8

Average Placement – 2

Robb – 3 She was the driving factor in flipping the vote, I think, and she’ll never be lower than 4th or 5th as long as she has the legacy advantage.

Garrett – 1 – I sometimes forget Sierra is on the show, and that’s a main reason I have her at number one. Who would get rid of her?

Peter – 3 – She’s in the majority on the tribe, with an obvious vote out (Hali) if they stick together, and an obvious alternative (Tai) if they change things up.

Average Placement – 3

Robb – 1- This is both for the episode and overall. I love the position Brad is in right now, and I feel like him convincing Tai to vote for Caleb will pay big dividends for him later on. Of course he is Brad, so maybe it won’t, but he’s in great shape.

Garrett – 2 – Brad has full control of the Mana tribe and nobody is going to stop him anytime soon. He’s sitting pretty unless another swap comes along.

Peter – 7 – Have you heard the news? We like Brad now. Even though his tribe is probably gonna go to tribal council they would be INSANE to vote him out after losing Caleb.

Average Placement – 4

Robb – 4 – Troyzan is a weird one to place. On one hand, he has an idol and is in an obvious spot to use it. On the other hand, he really hasn’t made much headroom for himself after he has to use it. For now, he’s got an idol, so he’s this high, but he could sink like a rock soon.

Garrett – 8 – Now that he has the idol, I think he’s sitting in a good position. He just needs to be able to read his tribe accordingly and know that he needs to play it. Which should be cake… but crazier things have happened.

Peter – 1 – Troyzan has an idol and I think he’ll be smart enough to use it if he’s in danger.

Average Placement – 5

Robb – 6 – He’s still in great with his core group and is still a major challenge asset, even with JT’s presence on the tribe. He’s not going anywhere for a while.

Garrett – 6 – He’s in a good spot as of now. He’s still an asset in challenges and has a monster social game, so I would be surprised with a Malcolm exit so soon.

Peter – 4 – Malcolm honestly seems like he’s going to be fine well into the merge. Nobody looks as if they have much in the way of negatives to say about him.

Average Placement – 5

Robb – 7 – Could be flipped with Malcolm, but his potential uneasiness with Cirie drops him down. I still don’t think he goes anywhere until the merge, but I’ve been wrong before, and I’ll surely be wrong again.

Garrett – 5 – He’s in a really good spot now that him and Cirie have officially aligned. And he’s probably providing EVERYTHING to this new “start from scratch” tribe.

Peter – 2 – He’s in the majority alliance (yay) but Troyzan has an idol (boo). However even if Troyzan plays the idol, I don’t see him targeting one of the guys.

Average Placement – 6

Robb – 9 – Nothing bad, nothing good for Sarah, which is a good thing. She’s on a good tribe albeit in a worse camp, but she should be fine, especially with much bigger personalities around her.

Garrett – 4 – We haven’t seen a lot from Sarah, but she’s in a good alliance of old Nuku members and isn’t anywhere near people’s radars.

Peter – 6 – Is Sarah still on this season? I haven’t seen her in quite some time.

Average Placement – 7

Robb – 2 – I don’t know why, I feel like Varner is in a really good spot. He’s good at establishing relationships, and is far from priority #1 on a tribe with JT, Malcolm, and Sandra. Hopefully he doesn’t choke/get screwed like in Cambodia because he could do some real damage.

Garrett – 9 – He’s sitting in a decent position in this new Nuku tribe. JT should be target number one and Sandra could be a target number two. I think Varner is set here.

Peter – 10 – Jeff just won his first immunity since the year 2000. Isn’t that nice? I actually think he’s in a reasonably good spot; if his tribe sticks together, JT is gone, and if they vote out the weakest, Sandra will be in more trouble.

Average Placement – 8

Robb – 13 – Not playing a great game, especially being an unknown to other vets, but is definitely not the target that Sandra or JT is. Needs to make some bonds soon, though, she could wind up in a tough spot at the merge.

Garrett – 3 – Michaela had a rough start, but I think she’s found her footing on the new Nuku tribe. Again, isn’t at the top of other players’ lists. Plus what an ASSET in challenges!

Peter – 9 – Michaela is the unknown player on a tribe full of legends. She should be fine, but they may target the one they’ve never met before.

Average Placement – 9

Robb – 8 – The swap came at a perfect time for Cirie, since I think Debbie was going to be a major thorn in her side had things stayed the same. Looks like she isn’t on Troyzan’s hit list for now, so she could stick around unless something nuts happens.

Garrett – 7 – Cirie now has an actual alliance with Ozzy, so she should be all set. The only worry would be Troyzan’s idol, but Andrea currently holds that spot.

Peter – 11 – She’s still a weak challenge performer and she’s still on a tribe with Ozzy. If he wants to get rid of her, he might be able to convince people to vote her out.

Average Placement – 10

Robb – 12 – Got very lucky that the swap came now, I think she would’ve been in big trouble. As long as she keeps quiet she’ll be fine until the merge.

Garrett – 10 – Aubry isn’t a threat yet and I don’t see her tribe getting rid of her when JT is there for the picking.

Peter – 8 – Aubry is savvy enough that she’ll probably be OK at tribal but she still does have a bad reputation.

Average Placement – 10

Robb – 10 – Very similar to Sarah, except his closeness with Cirie may drag him down a little later on. Shouldn’t be an issue until the merge, though, since he’s on a good tribe.

Garrett – 16 – I don’t think that Zeke will actually go home, but why not get rid of him? He’s like the Russell of this season. He’s so unknown and has legends on his tribe. I can’t believe he’s still sticking around honestly.

Peter – 5 – I don’t see Zeke having any trouble, there are much bigger fish to fry on his tribe.

Average Placement – 12

Robb – 5 – Helped Sierra flip the vote, or at least had the same train of thought, and lost a potential negative with Caleb and the Kaoh Rong relationship leaving.

Garrett – 13 – Debbie really should have tried to keep Caleb so she would be safe pending another immunity loss. She’s not the prime target (thank you Hali) but she’s not in a good position with Brad being closer to Tai and Sierra.

Peter – 13 – There’s a good chance her tribe goes to tribal council and her name was floated out by Tai and Brad last week. That being said, I think there are more obvious targets on her tribe.

Average Placement – 13

Robb – 14 – Might not be in as bad a shape as Sandra for now, although that’s with the goat incident weighing heavily on my opinion of Sandra at the moment. Needs an idol to stay alive, or to hit the lottery with Malcolm, Michaela, and/or Aubry.

Garrett – 12 – Still the odd duck on new Nuku, so if they lose immunity I would expect to see JT leave. But I have hope for the social beast!

Peter – 12 – JT seems to be making pretty good inroads with his new tribe, but the fact that the original Nuku tribe stuck together to vote out one of the original Mana members, people may be less willing to vote out one of their own to save JT.

Average Placement – 14

Robb – 11 – Tai is a weird one to place, but I think he’s in good shape now that it looks to others like he won’t be basing all of his decisions on his emotions via the Caleb vote. Should have a good shield in Brad, can hopefully build bonds with Sierra or Debbie while the time is right.

Garrett – 14 – He is so flip-floppy! I’m sure people are starting to doubt him just like they did previously in Koah Rong. He’s luck he has Brad by his side, but Tai could be an option to boot.

Peter – 16 – Tai has already demonstrated to his tribe that he’s easily manipulated and has no problem voting out his best friend. In his efforts to show loyalty to his new alliance, he may have accidentally shown that he can’t be trusted at all.

Average Placement – 15

Robb – 17 – I don’t think we’ve gotten anything positive from Andrea, and it looks like she’s Troyzan’s idol target. Needs to act fast or she’s in trouble, and may even become expendable if Ozzy or Cirie decide they can win without her.

Garrett – 11 – Andrea is in a bit of hot water based on her interaction with Troyzan, but it would take his idol to get rid of her. I don’t see the old Nuku members voting out one of their own if Troyzan.

Peter – 17 – With two tribes going to tribal council and Troyzan hinting that he wants to use his idol on Andrea, I think she’s in a lot of trouble. 

Average Placement – 15

Robb – 16 – Whether it’s the swap, the goat(s), or something else, I have a bad feeling about Sandra. She started off hot which is rare for her, I don’t know if she’ll be able to handle power early, especially against  players of JT and Malcolm’s caliber.

Garrett – 15 – She’s an option to go home because of how aggressive she came off in the first episode and, if JT still has his social game (which he does), then Sandra is in hot water.

Peter – 14 – You could tell from the whole goat-murder storyline that people are feeling really on edge with Sandra around. She can be quite intimidating, and I think people will be starting to feel like their lives would be easier without her.

Average Placement – 16

Robb – 15 – I wish I could put her higher because I love her so much, but the alliance of 4 is gonna be very tough to crack unless Tai melts down, which knowing Tai is not only possible but probable.

Garrett – 17 – The Mana tribe  was already bad at challenges, then they got rid of a challenge asset in Caleb, so I’m fully expecting them to lose and for Hali to be target numero uno.

Peter – 15 – Hali’s in trouble now, if the majority alliance sticks together, she’s gone.

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