Welcome to our POWER RANKINGS, where the game is made up and the points don’t matter. Each week, we’ll rank the players from Safest (ranking of 1) to Boot Worthy. There is absolutely no consistency here, but we’ll accumulate points anyway – because why the hell not?



Robb – 8 – Smokin’ hot, didn’t do anything, hasn’t been to tribal

Garrett – 1 – Haven’t seen much from her but her social game has always carried her far, I expect her to make the merge at the very least

Peter – 9 –Andrea is the kind of player everyone thinks is a manipulative threat and must be blindsided immediately. She’s well able to survive this part of the game, but people could be swayed into voting her out.


Robb – 18 – Looked to be Tony’s closest ally, might be next target if she can’t suck up to Sandra quick enough

Garrett – 10 – I would hope her game play could get her out of any situation in the early part of the game, but she’s put herself in a weird spot being so close with Tony

Peter – 13 – Aubry has a reputation as a flip-flopper and a threat, and was on the outs in the last vote. An easy target if your tribe loses immunity.


Robb – 10 – Didn’t do anything, but didn’t go to tribal

Garrett – 7 – Making connections and slow-playing so far, I’ll laugh if he plays EXACTLY like Monica and is a FTC loser

Peter – 5 –Brad is a strong guy and is laying low so far, the only risk is if he goes crazy-Brad again.


Robb – 17 – Was talking a lot with Tony, may be targeted soon

Garrett – 9 – Asset in challenges and the swap will give him new life, I hope

Peter – 8 –Caleb should be kept based on his strength, but his alliance with Tony (RIP) might hurt him, plus his BB reputation may still haunt him. Also he’s not a smart man.


Robb – 16 – Hasn’t been to tribal, but looks like she could be in trouble from multiple angles

Garrett – 17 – Her whole tribe didn’t trust her, I’m hoping she catches a good break with the swap but it’s not looking good

Peter – 17 – Everyone on her former tribe was planning to vote her out, plus she is a relatively weak challenge performer. She’ll have to be very lucky with the swap if she wants to survive going to tribal.


Robb – 7 – Looks to be not buying Cirie, may be lynchpin to make a move on her

Garrett – 14 – She just seems out of the loop and unhelpful, but non-threatening at the least

Peter – 11 – Debbie is weird. Who knows what she might say or do?


Robb – 6 – Absolutely gorgeous, looks to be in good with Sandra

Garrett – 3 – She was shown being in the know for the first two boots, so she should be alright

Peter – 7 –Hali is very sociable and shouldn’t have any trouble this round unless she messes up badly in a challenge somehow.


Robb – 2 – I think he should’ve been Tony’s target at the 2nd tribal, got off easy and looks to be in good position with Sandra

Garrett – 15 – The pre-merge game is not his friend, plus he is USELESS in challenges

Peter – 16 – Everyone loves Jeff, but he can be a total liability in challenges. He’s playing a bit more cautiously this time but his reputation from Second Chances won’t help.


Robb – 5 – Almost choked on 2nd immunity challenge but pulled it out, looks to have good footing in tribe (I think, memory of episode is a little cloudy)

Garrett – 11 – He’s uber helpful with everything, but has this itch to play hard that could cost him soon. Stick to what you know, JT!

Peter – 12 – People should want to keep JT around because of his challenge strength, but he’s also a huge target as a former winner.


Robb – 15 – Did great in challenge, may be his undoing though

Garrett – 5 – He’s an asset in challenges and around camp, why get rid of him now?

Peter – 2 –Smaller tribes mean strength is more important, and Malcolm has managed to survive on the smallest of tribes.


Robb – 14 – Still an unknown, may be a target due to strength and unsure footing with Sandra

Garrett – 12 – Great Survivor character, not great Survivor player… she needs to keep things in check or she’s done for

Peter – 15 – Michaela is a very strong challenge competitor, but I don’t think any of the other people actually know that yet. She hasn’t had an opportunity to show off in a challenge yet and nobody has seen her season. Her unpredictable attitude may also get her in trouble.


Robb – 4 – Looks to have the upper hand vs. Cirie

Garrett – 6 – Same as Malcolm, he’s an asset in challenges and around camp

Peter – 4 –If you lose a challenge on a 6-man tribe and you vote out Ozzy, you are officially doomed forever.


Robb – 1 – Got her way big time. Didn’t like the conduct after Tony’s boot, but can’t deny how great her premiere was

Garrett – 18 – I’ll be shocked if she isn’t the next to go, her target is bigger than Tony himself

Peter – 18 – Queen Sandra just showed everyone she’s a threat in every aspect of Survivor. Except challenges. People would be crazy to keep her if they don’t win immunity, but I’ll still be on the edge of my seat the whole episode praying she survives.


Robb – 9 – Didn’t do anything, but hasn’t been to tribal

Garrett – 4 – I think she’ll be fine this week, but that “play like a criminal” thing might bite her in the butt

Peter – 10 –Sarah shouldn’t really have too much trouble, but her attitude can get her into trouble if she’s not careful.


Robb – 3 – Found the Legacy Advantage, helped win 2nd immunity challenge

Garrett – 2 – She has a legacy advantage so clearly she’s fine… right?

Peter – 3 –Sierra like Troyzan is the blandest player ever and nobody is going to want to vote her out.


Robb – 13 – Made Cirie feel more uncomfortable than she already was with tribe, still can’t communicate well

Garrett – 13 – His love for chickens could cost him big time, especially if he’s with JT still, but it’s his flip-floppiness that’s concerning

Peter – 14 – Tai isn’t the most reliable alliance member, often voting with his heart and ignoring what he has promised to others. He’s one of the weaker guys which won’t help if his tribe loses immunity.


Robb – 12 – Looks to be on Sandra’s good side, but may be first expendable piece due to strength

Garrett – 8 – He’s showing a social savviness on his current tribe and he’s not a big “gamebot”

Peter – 1 –Troyzan is just so inoffensive I can’t see anyone bothering with him right now.


Robb – 11 – Didn’t do anything, but didn’t go to tribal

Garrett – 16 – New kid on the block that wants to prove his worth, that’ll come back around I think

Peter – 6 –Zeke is a very solid, sociable player. The unknown factor might work against him but he should manage it fine.