We kick off part two with Tony itching to make a big move over on the Mana tribe (it’s like Ciera’s soul was transferred into his body). The guy cannot just sit down and go with the flow, can he? This is where it gets interesting though, as he sets up his “big threats” alliance. First he pulls in Aubry (which is brilliant, he needs a brain to his chaos) and they agree on Malcolm and Caleb (because, you know, strength). And then the big one… he pulls in Sandra.

Top 5 moment: I’ve been hoping and praying for a Sandra-Tony alliance, the kind and queen uniting against all the odds. And Tony’s argument to Aubry and Sandra is solid. He knows he’s a huge threat, but they’re also huge threats – so let’s all join up! Get rid of the lowly non-threats and run train on this island! It’s so beau-

And the alliance is over. My favorite alliance lasted all but 7-minutes. Let’s take a moment of silence.

tony aubry
“There was a super idol in this watermelon. It’s the 400th I’ve found.”

How did we get here? Well our resident crazy llama decides to build his spy bunker and in doing so catches Sandra and Troyzan out near the well (although I must say, he didn’t even need the bunker, he just needed to hide in the woods long enough to catch someone). It’s even funnier that the pair was talking about possibly aligning with Tony since he’s got no allies, because here comes llama to stomp all over everyone. Not that we would expect anything less from him, but you’d think for a guy as adept at Survivor as him that he’d bring it down a notch.

Top 5 moment: Tony builds his spy bunker in the dead of night. He lays down and starts covering himself with dirt and leaves to see if it’ll work. Honestly you cannot foreshadow your own boot episode any better. Tony literally and figuratively dug his grave.

Over on the Nuku camp… it’s kind of the same as before. Ozzy still doesn’t trust Cirie and thinks she’s too weak. Cirie tries to form new bonds with her other tribe mates, but everyone sees right through her. Zeke, even through his love-tinted glasses, knows he can’t align with Cirie because of her threat level. The only person who wanted to align with Cirie was Tai, and we know how bad of an ally he is.

But Nuku wins immunity for the second time and Cirie is spared. Thank god.

cirie tai
“Y’all Tai just told me the funniest thing..”

Top 5 moment: The immunity/reward challenge in part two was phenomenal to watch. Varner being the most useless person out there. Troyzan falling off the beam multiple times. Michaela frustrated she can’t participate. Malcolm tying it up with the ring toss. Nuku ultimately pulling out another victory. I’d watch that kind of challenge any day. 

We get back to Mana post-challenge and everyone has their sights set on Tony. With Sandra running the show (for the first time in a while), he looks to be toast. But Tony knows he has Caleb, he knows he has Malcolm, and he knows he has Aubry. Just one more vote and he’s set. Who do you target to help you out?

Michaela. From what we’ve seen from Michaela thus far, she hates to lose (and I mean HATES it). Caleb comes up with a brilliant idea, which is a first, and tells Michaela that challenge strength is a priority right now. Sandra needs to go. And Michaela is all for it! She knows she needs Tony to win challenges, so get rid of Sandra. Even Varner, who is somehow in this conversation too even though he was literally the weakest person out there, agrees that challenge strength is necessary (it’s laughable, honestly). So we’re set going into tribal council. Sandra should be going home.

Image result for sandra survivor I don't know about that
“But I don’t know about thaaaaaaat”

Somehow, every one of Tony’s allies know to vote him out. Tony votes Aubry (as was the plan to him) and Sandra somehow votes for Aubry (we’ll break this down a bit next time). Another straight forward vote, 7-2. Interesting that this new rule change has potentially given us these basic votes. Maybe we’re in for a new era of Survivor where split votes are a thing of the past?

And that’s that! What did y’all think? Did Tony dig his own grave? Is Sandra going to be calling the shots from here on out? Will Cirie have a similar performance to Heroes vs Villains? Leave a note below!