Wow. – Jeff Probst

I’ve been waiting a long time for this. To be able to see absolute LEGENDS play this game together (mixed with some… er… not so legendary players) is going to be a wild experience. I mean, the mere fact that the season is called Game Changers is going to push everyone to play their hardest. Or, at least, that what I’m hoping for.

Let’s do a quick check-in with our player, shall we?

“OMG, Cirie you’re my fav player ever!”

We have our legends: Cirie, JT, Malcolm, Ozzy, Sandra, and Tony. It’s been SEVEN (7) YEARS since we’ve seen the likes of Cirie, JT, and Sandra. I’m still in disbelief that I get to watch them compete together. The only problem is, with so few of them here it could mean an early demise.

We have our “secondary threats” next: Andrea, Aubry, Ciera, Michaela, and Zeke. A huge reason a majority of these players in this category is because of their recent return. Aubry JUST played the game of her life, Ciera JUST screamed “Make some moves people,” and Michaela/Zeke are huge question marks to every other player out there. I’m hoping these kids will be smart.

tony marooning
Tony being carried to his kingdom

Then we have the “not a huge threat, but could become a threat with time” crew: Varner, Sarah, and Caleb. Varner is coming hot off Second Chances where his reputation spiked for being a sneaky player. Sarah had the world at her feet, but was shot down by Chaos. Caleb hasn’t even been to a tribal council! There’s potential here, but it could just fizzle out. I guess we can throw Tai in there, but he fits much better in the next section…

The “I’m not mad, but why are these people back?” section: Brad, Debbie, Hali, Sierra, and Troyzan. Listen, I’m all for these players pulling a ‘Wentworth’ and becoming the next big thing. I just don’t really see it in them.

But all in all, there’s a stellar group of players hitting the beach and I can’t wait to get started.