The biggest questions that racked my mind today all revolved around the edit we were given for certain tribe member. I touched on some of them last night, but want to air them out completely and touch on some other aspects.

First up, the recap. These recaps Jeff gives before every episode have to be important to the overall story. It helps those not stalking Survivor message boards keep up with the main story lines. And this week we got a huge push for the women’s alliance of Beauty. Since last week didn’t touch on it at all is was of interest that they would get a spotlight in the recap, right? This has to hold some weight for the women, either going deep into the game together or falling apart in spectacular fashion. It needs to be on our minds though which brings me to…

Anna. Anna had a pretty good premiere episode and then wasn’t shown in the second. Now, come third, she becomes one of the main story lines of the Beauty tribe. But it’s her story line that is fascinating. I’ve already mentioned in my previous post that I think her telling Caleb everything was a dumb move. What is it setting up though, that’s the question. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Caleb turns the other girls against Anna because she’s now a huge threat to him. She ends up voted out due to her mishap.
  2. Anna successfully pulls in Caleb to vote out Nick (although this would make her move good).
  3. There is a tribe swap where Anna and Caleb end up on the same tribe, therefore bonding them (again this would make it a good move).

We’ll have to see how Anna’s story shapes up in the following episode. Was her move good? Did I miss something?

Next we have Debbie. What’s odd about Debbie’s edit is that for two episodes (including the premiere which is an introduction to who these people are) she’s been a joke. All her tribe mates wanted her out at one point or another. Even the editors in the previous episode had her cheering laid over aerial shots of the challenge. That right there is something we as the audience are supposed to take notice of (see also Jason’s knuckle cracking). So, many wonder, how does she come out as the strongest person on her tribe in the third episode?

We have justification for her pulling in Aubry (remember when Aubry had her panic attack and leaned on Debbie for support?). We have justification for her pulling in Joe (remember when they bonded over being older?). And in this episode we see them all pulling in Neal. A + B + C = Debbie. Apparently. And I think it may go beyond just this three episode arc. She could be getting setup for a nice redemption arc, the long game. I think episode four will tell us if it’s all for not.

Last, I think it’s important to focus on Alecia (again, I know). Her edit is similar in Debbie’s in that her tribe has constantly talked down to her, about her, and around her. Even her scenes with other tribe mates make her out to be this ditzy blonde that can’t survive. Yet here we are, passed episode three, and she’s still here. And was in a decent position by the end of episode two. What’s her story line look like?

If you remember her original video and (possibly) her first introduction, she talks about how people usually judge her to be Barbie. She can’t do anything yadda yadda but she’s more than what her looks make you believe. So maybe her edit is a way to play off that idea. We get scenes of her being a little less than knowledgeable, and then she fights to stick around. Rinse and repeat, right? All of this is to say, maybe her larger arc is about earning redemption from her tribe mates. Once they start to see Alecia as the Brawn she really is inside, she can be taken out as a threat instead of dragged as a goat. Or maybe she gets medically evacuated, showing her tribe mates she’s willing to push herself to her limits to win, therefore earning that same redemption. I think it’s important to keep an eye on Alecia for now.

What else? Anyone you think is worth discussing? Any moments I missed that could play into these edits? Am I crazy? Let me know!