This episode needed two nights. There was so much to digest from the Brawn camp, the challenge, and that amazingly awful tribal council.

First, let’s talk about camp life for the Brawn tribe. The overall focus was on how beat down they were. They couldn’t get fire, they couldn’t get food, they couldn’t get along with each other… it was all so negative. The only exceptions were Jason’s little confessional about it being nothing (which I hold is the editors telling us he’s going deep) and Alecia pulling everyone OUT from their negative darkness. She literally created fire and solved their main issue. And it’s also important the editors let us know just how long it took her to make that fire.

Alecia worked for five long hours, in the grueling sun as we’ve been reminded, in order to prove herself. The simple answer is that this pointed to her sticking around for the episode. But what would be more satisfying is Alecia and Jason (her main bully) going to a fire-making tie breaker, with Alecia obviously coming out on top. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?! Or, you know, she leaves next episode.

Now, getting back from the challenge, Jenny wanted to flip the script. Was that a good move? By taking out Jason, they weaken their tribe for challenges (the physical ones at least). They also take out a huge strategic player, which is helpful in the long game. Jenny could have easily pulled Scot back in afterward and she would have Alecia and Cydney at her disposal. If they lose another challenge, they can kick off Alecia for fun. It honestly isn’t a bad option. Though, we all know what actually happened.

Jenny’s melt down at tribal could have been prevented had she watched her words. But it’s an interesting point that Scot stuck with her! We saw Jason and Cydney flip on her, why would Scot stick with her? This “tight” threesome definitely has a crack. It’s just seeing whether Jason is going to stick with his flipper friend or keep the girls (I think we all know the answer to that).

Last little bit before I sign off, we usually see a tribe swap at the start of episode three. This year I think we might see one at episode four instead though. If they split next episode, they move to TWO tribes, whereas the following week would be staying in THREE tribes (16 vs 15 people). I bet Jason thought a tribe swap was coming up sooner than later and he’s hoping the swap can give him a better tribe. Otherwise I can’t justify him taking out strong people so early.

That’s it for me! Let me know your thoughts below.