Welcome to an idea I created today at work! I thought, “You know what? Maybe I don’t feel the same way I did last night right after the episode. Maybe I needed to sleep on it.” And here we are, exploring the ideas the brewed throughout my day.

First of all, I am REALLY REALLY EXCITED about the possible Beauty Girl Alliance. Those three women seem crafty and understand that the game shifts inexplicably. They went from wanting to reign Tai in to throwing him under the bus. Why? Because they noticed the other guys doing it as well. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’re gearing up to have a three on two majority once Tai is voted out. I’m telling you, these girls are players.

Honestly, I’m still surprised Brawn voted out Darnell. I will hold that it will be their fatal mistake and they will fail. And now I have NO IDEA how the rest of their journey get affected. I put Alecia as first boot (so. damn. close.) and had Darnell going deep on the assumption Brawn had a winning streak. Now that he’s out, and since Jason and Scot obviously think they can control Alecia, does that put Jenny and Cydney on the outs? And clearly Jenny is close to the boys, so now Cydney is on the outs alone?? Ugh, they really messed up.

Aubry’s panic attack resonated with me. Again, I’m obviously in no place to judge, but to have a freak out on DAY TWO does not bode well. However… I think her edit is telling us something. She already redeemed herself in the challenge when she dominated the oar fetching AND the puzzle for Brains. I think she’ll get a nice arch in the long run and come off with a positive edit. I still hold she’ll be carried one way or another, but at least she’ll leave on good terms.

My biggest thought of the day revolved around the tribe swaps (which are basically a guarantee, right?). People like Jason can survive flawlessly on a Brawn tribe because that’s where they thrive. But if he gets swapped with a gaggle of brains and beauties, I think he’s done for. And THAT’S where people like Alecia or Tai will thrive. They don’t necessarily fit with their current designation, but they could fit with more Beauty or Brain respectively. And with likely one more challenge before the swap, they could TOTALLY pull it off. I’m intrigued to see what they can make of it.

"I'm a Mental Giant" --Scot Pollard, Kyle Jason and Alecia Holden during the new season of SURVIVOR KAOH: RONG -- Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. The show premieres with a special 90-minute episode, Wednesday, February 17 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Monty Brinton /CBS Entertainment ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights. Reserved.

All in all, it was a better premiere than I gave it credit for. It had crazy, it had breakdowns, and it had poop for crying out loud! We were introduced to some interesting characters, possible alliances, and everything fit together well. I have my heroes and I have my villains. I have people to root for and people to root against. Honestly, what could Kaôh Rōng?