Here’s how it works. I’ll go through each of the three tribes on the upcoming Kaôh Rōng season and give each castaway my own First Impression. Then I’ll give the tribe an overall assessment. Now, this won’t be helpful to almost anyone. But think about the fun we’ll having getting to look BACK on these when the finale airs. Oh yea, fun times are ahead. 

Next up: Beauty (Gondol)

My favorite tribe from BvBvB part one was the beauty tribe! There’s something about them being both decently intelligent and decently strong. To me, they’re a perfect mix of both other tribes and that gives them an advantage of sorts. Plus, beautiful people are more likely to be trusted by others so once the merge hits they can make a run for it. I’m excited about the prospect of it, but who knows until we get into the tribe dynamics.

Anna Khait

Here we go again with ANOTHER poker player. Hopefully that’s not a bad sign. She’s seems somewhat self-aware and hits the right notes… “I want everyone to like me… This is a social game.” I think that right there shows she’s adaptable, a huge trait for Survivor winners, and she also understands how trust works in the game, another huge trait. She’s hitting all the right notes here and it comes across as very genuine. She’s not just playing this up for the camera.

She reminds me a lot of Parvati, but more savvy.She’s like Vanessa from Big Brother 17, but more levelheaded. All in all, she has everything it takes to be a winner in my book. Since this is my first cast assessment, I’m going to make my own rules. This right here, ladies and gents, is our Survivor winner. I think she could oust Kyle easily (maybe a sweet final two).

Survivor Buff says: Sole Survivor (sorry Kyle). 


Michele Fitzgerald

Bartenders have some of the best social skills of all occupations. They know how to split their attention, prioritize people, and can hold information for periods at a time. Good start. My issue is that she calls this the ultimate adventure. I think true Survivors see this as a challenge, something to outwit and outplay. An adventure is something to outlast. She also seems like a nomad, travelling the world on her own. It teaches you great skills, but socially can be a disadvantage (wonder how that plays out with her bartending skills).

Her down sides are her “jersey sass” and her “alone time.” She seems like someone who watched the show on their couch and thought, “I could do that.” But eventually, she’ll crumble.

Survivor Buff says: Early Boot. 


Nick Maiorano

WOW. He’s super arrogant. He talks about his work as a life coach being bullshit and how he pretends to listen. Nick… what is going on? This kid is throwing up a LOT of red flags here. “I’m going to lie about everything, including my job.” “I don’t feel like sharing.” “I’m not gonna say it’s because I’m good looking…” These are all pointing at a sooner than later boot to me.

For what it’s worth, he’ll probably be a really fun narrator for a while, but there is no shot in hell that this guy wins. Sorry, Nick.

Survivor Buff says: Pre-Merge Boot. 


Caleb Reynolds

Putting it out there now, Caleb will never win these types of games. On Big Brother 16, he did decently, but was pulled along for the ride and didn’t hold a lot of weight. He’s super trusting of people and manipulated easily. Already bad notches. And his video isn’t much better since he really only touches on his Big Brother days. He’s fun and people will like him, but he’s too easily manipulated to win this game.

Caleb will be really fun to watch. I think he’ll obviously bring the entertainment and he’ll no doubt have his loyal puppy dog moments. He’s the guy you want around because he’s fun (and brings in potential new viewers).

Survivor Buff says: Early Merge Boot. 


Julia Sokolowski

She’s uber young (which for me is a strike against her) but is obviously social and fun. I think she brings what Caleb brings, just in a younger female body. People will naturally gravitate toward her and I think she’ll provide the show some fun on-camera moments. Her service work in Tanzania also gives her some life experience to bond with people and use her knowledge of social currency.

I cannot get a full read on Julia. She’s fun, energetic, seems fit, seems smart… but something is still missing. I can see her doing pretty well in here, but that THING that isn’t there is pulling her down in my books.

Survivor Buff says: Jury Boot. 


Tai Trang

I don’t know what to think about Tai. He’s really nice… he’s a gardener… he’s a middle child. Everything about his video is just, meh. He’ll do alright on the surviving aspects, he’s be fine eating solely rice, I don’t know how he’ll help in challenges unless he’s great at puzzles. Tai seems like the guy who shows up at the wrong party and just stays in the corner. He’s just there.

Survivor Buff says: Early Boot. 



I’m a little let down by this tribe! I expected some dynamic people that are a jack of all trades and a master of none, but they’re kind of just this clunky group. The thing I see in this tribe is a group of great narrators. We have super fans, Beast Mode Cowboy, arrogant asshole… some good stuff. And at least one of them gives off winner potential. All in all, decent. Hopefully we’ll get some personality shifts as the game goes along, but I’m more excited to see these castaways swap tribes.

That’s it for the cast assessment. Stay tuned for the overall Kaôh Rōng assessment before the premiere, this Wednesday!