Here’s how it works. I’ll go through each of the three tribes on the upcoming Kaôh Rōng season and give each castaway my own First Impression. Then I’ll give the tribe an overall assessment. Now, this won’t be helpful to almost anyone. But think about the fun we’ll having getting to look BACK on these when the finale airs. Oh yea, fun times are ahead. 

Next up: Brawn (Totang)

Now the brawn tribe has something to prove this time around on BvBvB part two. As you’re probably aware, this is where Tony started it all. So there’s no doubt going to be pressure for these tribe-mates to produce a winner. But I think they have a good shot at the million. These brawn kids seem much more dynamic then the last batch, which is saying something. Let’s get started.


Cydney seems really likable! She talks about being a bodybuilder and how it meshed the two sides of her – it’s athletic and prissy. She’s obviously a physical competitor which will be super helpful for her tribe (although it IS the brawn tribe so par for the course). But then she pulls out her “I don’t like girls very much” and some “I don’t do extra emotions” and the classic “I’m going to eat food I catch and not share.” All things that are great for Survivor… almost had it Cydney.

I will say she has the potential to change after a few days and if her tribe is on the winning end like brawn was last time, then maybe she can make a strong run for it. She’s likable but threatening.

Survivor Buff says: Early Merge Boot.



Okay so immediate first impression is, “This dude isn’t buff enough to be brawn.” But holy hell is he funny! AND HE’S A POSTAL WORKER. Darnell, I applaud you. His video is his climb out of Chicago and understanding real life tells from his experiences. Honestly, if nothing else, Darnell makes you feel good.

He wants to come off as the hero, someone that young kids can look up to. He certainly can be that. But in Survivor, taking the honorable way isn’t always the right choice. And I think that’s where Darnell is going to go wrong. I think he’s going to want to be safe and come out of this experience with a positive light on him. With a likely winning streak for brawn, I see him going deep into the game and JUST falling short.

Survivor Buff says: Deep Game (finale episode). 



Kyle is terrifying. He’s huge, looks like he can kill you, and dear lord he’s a BOUNTY HUNTER! Oh wait, wait, wait… he has a radio tattooed on his stomach. He’s totally fine.

I like that he talks about people judging him by his looks, because that’s going to happen immediately. And he’s right, they’ll underestimate the hell out of him which will work wonder toward his advantage. But he’s also the type f person that doesn’t come with a plan. He just goes and sees what happens. It can be great and it can be awful; it’s just more important with how you handle it.

I’m going to call it now, I believe Kyle is our Tony. He seems adaptable, he’s charming which will help build alliances, he’s sneaky and deceptive… I just think this is our winner.

Survivor Buff says: Sole Survivor.



Jennifer is in construction (that’ll help with the shelter) and is more tom-boy. I think her and Cydney will get along over their hatred of emotional women. She talks about the weather having an effect on her and that’s where I think she will lose it.  She wants to be here but has no idea what she’s in for.

If it rains as much as it did in Survivor: Second Chance, she’s done for. Actually if it rains even one day I think Jennifer is going to lose it.

Survivor Buff says: Pre-Merge Boot or Quitter. 



Well here’s our professional athlete of the season! Right off the bat he’s going to be super competitive, which is alright. I think the fact that he’s been trying to study up on Survivor shows a willingness to adapt and he’s not planning on lying about his basketball past which can garner some favor from his tribe-mates. All in all, he’s starting out right.

The trouble Scot is going to have is removing that threat status once the merge hits. Hell even before the merge if his tribe doesn’t want a retired pro athlete to have a shot at the million dollars. Again, since brawn will likely be fine in the early days in competitions, his target will be huge by the merge.

Survivor Buff says: Merge Boot (possibly on the merge episode). 



Alecia is exactly like her female tribe-mates in that she ALSO does not get along well with girls. She’s ALSO a tom-boy. These three girls will either love each other or absolutely despise each other. She talks about being an adrenaline junkie and being a do-er (kind of giving hints of Ciera from Second Chance). She’s all about making big moves in order to further yourself.

I appreciate Alecia, but I don’t see her getting far. I think she’d be the first of the brawn women alliance to go and I doubt the guys would stick their neck out for her. All in all, she’ll be fun to watch (and I’m sure the producers are going to be happy with that as well), but she ain’t winning.

Survivor Buff says: Early Boot (if not first boot).



Now, as I’ve been saying, I think the brawn tribe is going to do pretty well in the early challenges. I don’t see them getting rid of a lot of their members early. Scot and Jennifer are the two that seem more than likely, but the rest all have SOMETHING that can help them go really deep in here. Whether that means alliances or manipulation skills or even just likability, this is going to be a good tribe to watch and definitely one to watch out for.

Part three of the cast assessment is coming up. Don’t miss it!